22 Describe proposed measures for protection of geographic names at the second and other levels in the applied-for gTLD

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.walesNominet UKnominet.org.ukView

Nominet will reserve all country names set out in the lists specified in Specification 5 to the draft Registry Agreement with ICANN (the “Reserved Names”). The Reserved Names will not be available for general registration at any point, whether before or after the launch of the dot WALES registry, regardless of any claimed trade mark or other rights.

This restriction on domain name registrations will be communicated to the public as part of the general pre- and post-launch marketing for the TLD in order to minimise any confusion or disappointment.

The Reserved Names will only be available for registration by the relevant governments, using the process set out below (modelled on the GAC-approved process adopted for .INFO).

1. The government or public authority concerned informs Nominet of their request to register the name, and the designated registrant.
2. We will verify the request, from third parties (such as local embassies or government contacts) if necessary, and request any additional information required.
3. The availability of the domain name will be verified and an authorisation number transmitted to the designated registrant.
4. The designated registrant will then be able to register the domain name, via a registrar for the TLD, by submitting the authorisation number to confirm their authority.

This process will be open ended, and will be available at all times, but we will highlight its existence to local governmental representatives (such as embassies or high commissions) as part of the marketing push during the launch of the TLD.

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