18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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Go Daddy does not anticipate any significant social costs beyond the potential desire by some entities or individuals to engage in defensive registration of their trademark strings. The operating rules covering this are detailed in Go Daddyʹs response to Question 28, and consist generally of the following practices. As a registry, Go Daddy would not directly provide abuse services to registrants of non-GoDaddy registrars, but will reserve the right to intervene in abuse situations where the registrar was slow or failed to act. As a registrar all abuse involving domain names registered with or through Go Daddy or Go Daddyʹs affiliates may be reported to abuse@godaddy.com, or via Go Daddyʹs existing 24x7 abuse hotline at 1-480-624-2505. Go Daddy has a long-standing policy of investigating every complaint received, responding appropriately, and taking necessary action to mitigate the reported abuse.

1. Multiple applications for the same domain name will be resolved on a first come⁄first serve basis.

2. Cost benefits will result from the fact that initial costs will be kept to a minimum for a CASA domain name (less than $3.00 per month).

3. Cost benefits will result from an efficient, inexpensive, targeted marketing tool that will provide increased exposure to home buyers or renters.

4. Go Daddy would commit to no price increases during the first 2 years of a 10 year agreement. During years 3-10 Go Daddy would commit to no more than three (3) price increases of not more than 7% per increase. In all cases Go Daddy would provide 90 days notice prior to the new price becoming effective. At this time, Go Daddyʹs financial projections do not incorporate any such increases, but Go Daddy would agree to limit Go Daddyʹs price increase plan to no more than stated above, if any at all.

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