18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.casaGo Daddy East, LLCgodaddy.comView

CASA will be used specifically for Spanish-speaking customers and users that want to target the Spanish-speaking market. CASA will be a generic TLD that will be open to any user, but focused on three main positioning messages. These areas of focus are: the ʺReal Estate Marketʺ, ʺEverything for the Homeʺ and a general ʺPersonal Spaceʺ focus. The word ʺcasaʺ translates to English as ʺhomeʺ so the gTLD will focus on various ʺhomeʺ related targets. Weʹll want the use of the gTLD to be wide open and available to anyone, yet keep the logical ʺhomeʺ message for users.

From a ʺReal Estate Marketʺ perspective CASA will support Spanish-speaking realtors, lessors or owner-sellers and their online needs in their efforts of selling or renting homes. The CASA gTLD can also provide a reliable and trusted space for those Spanish-speaking home buyers or renters to look for information on homes for sale or rent, realtors, lessors and owner-sellers. CASA Registrars will make it easy for Spanish-speaking home sellers or lessors to use their listings to create a website instantly through development tools, such as Go Daddyʹs InstantPage® product. In addition, we will support CASA Registrars so they may offer month-to-month registrations as an optional service to registrars. Why pay for a year if the domain name will not be needed for a year?

As an “Everything for the Homeʺ target, CASA will target fashion, decor, recipes, coupons, remodeling, and do-it-yourself (DIY) content for Spanish-speaking buyers and visitors. Buyers of the CASA gTLD will have a place to sell the ʺEverything for the Homeʺ as well as share content, tips, tricks, newsletters, etc. as it relates to content and business specific to ʺEverything for the Home.ʺ

And as a general interest gTLD, CASA will leverage the meaning of ʺhomeʺ as a ʺPersonal Space.ʺ For Spanish-speaking customers, we would position CASA as their ʺPersonal Spaceʺ on the Internet. CASA will be the place for individuals to share information, businesses to provide ʺAbout Usʺ details and the perfect location for individuals that are Home Based businesses to share who they are as an individual as well as a business owner. No matter how technology changes, or what you do online, you will always have your CASA on the Internet.

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gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixzDetail
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