20(e) Provide a description of the applicant's intended registration policies in support of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.广东Xinhua News Agency Guangdong Branch 新华通讯社广东分社tld.asiaView

Above and beyond the requirements set out in Specification 7 of the new gTLD registry agreement, special Sunrise and startup policies will be developed to provide priority registration opportunities for community members. Furthermore, the feasibility of additional dispute resolution processes in addition to (and not in replacement of) the basic UDRP and URS processes, that takes into consideration the nature of the TLD in relation to the community it serves will be studied.

Upon normal registry operations after GoLive, the registry intends to maintain an open platform allowing individuals and companies from around the world meeting basic eligibility requirements as required by ICANN to register and utilize the TLD (e.g. must provide contact information, must provide 2 name servers for activation in DNS, etc.), and the TLD Charter Eligibility Requirement further description below.

A. Eligibility

The Registry will be working closely with DotAsia (through Namesphere) to put in place appropriate Charter Eligibility Requirements for the TLD. The requirements can be expected to be based on the successfully implemented .ASIA Charter Eligibility Requirements Policy (http:⁄⁄dot.asia⁄policies⁄DotAsia-Charter-Eligibility--COMPLETE-2010-09-01.pdf). Conceptually, one of the contacts of the domain registration must reside in the community.

Special Sunrise phases will be introduced to provide priority registration opportunities for community members in addition to the standard Sunrise, TMCH and Trademark Claims processes according to Specification 7 of the new gTLD registry agreement. See response to #29 for further details.

Through Sunrise, Landrush and Go Live, registrants must meet the Charter Eligibility Requirements to register a domain name under the TLD. Nevertheless, part of the vision of the Registry is to promote Guangdong into a global high tech community, therefore, the requirements are put in place to ensure the stability and orderly introduction of the TLD without trying to be overly restrictive for the fulfilment of its purpose of being an open platform globally. Therefore, any individual or organisation can be a registrant provided that they fulfil the eligibility requirement is met.

B. Name Selection

The utilization of the TLD itself already identifies the registrant’s relationship with the community. Therefore, the use of the TLD by a registrant fulfills the community-based purpose and registrants are free to choose the second level domain for registration under the TLD.

During Sunrise, name selection is restricted to those corresponding to their registered prior rights.

C. Content and Use

Registrants are encouraged to

Abusive content or infringing content are addressed by Abuse Prevention and Mitigation measures (#28) and Rights Protection Mechanisms (#29) that will be put in place by the Registry.

D. Enforcement

The Registry will randomly sample registrations to request for substantiation of Charter eligibility declaration based on the TLD Charter Eligibility Policies. Furthermore, the CEDRP (Charter Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy: http:⁄⁄www.icann.org⁄en⁄help⁄dndr⁄cedrp) will be utilized to further remedy any violations.

For registrants from Mainland China, further whois accuracy requirements (#28) ensure the enforcement of the policies as well.

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