18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.广东Xinhua News Agency Guangdong Branch 新华通讯社广东分社tld.asiaView

The Registry aspires to develop a cyberspace that the Guangdong community can call home on the Internet. With Guangdong being one of the most advanced communities in Mainland China in terms of economy, technology and social development, the Registry aims to develop the TLD with the benefits of the Guangdong people at heart, while being a globally open platform to the world.

1. Goals of the TLD

The introduction of the “.广东” TLD as an IDN TLD is a novelty feature of gTLDs, and the Registry believes in developing this novelty into an area of specialty.

The Registry, through the support from its Registry Back-End Services Provider, KNET, which is a spin-off of CNNIC, the national ccTLD operator in China (.cn), aims to set a high standard in delivering on services of high quality, high performance, high scalability and high availability.

The Registry, through the support from its Registry Front-End Services Provider, Namesphere, which is a spin-off of the DotAsia Organisation, sets a noble goal in building itself as a reputable community initiative that is economically viable, sensitive to the cultural aspects of the community it serves, and one which contributes back to its community while participating in the global community as a responsible netizen, upholding a high level of integrity and respecting the rights of others.

2. Differentiation and Innovation

The Registry will focus on differentiating itself with the scope and its name. The Registry believes that a name makes a difference. Furthermore, the introduction of “.广东” as an IDN TLD will be a differentiation factor.

The Registry believes in operating a secure and stable platform for which innovations could take root and prosper from. As a TLD registry, the Registry will focus its efforts on innovations that improve the security, stability and user experience of Internet users by providing high availability and seamless advancement of technologies. The Registry considers itself successful if users are oblivious of its operations.

3. Improving User Experience

In line with the spirit of Deng Xiaoping’s open door policy which radically changed the economic destiny of the Guangdong province from an economic backwater to a national front runner, the Registry believes in a socially responsible development based on an open global platform.

The introduction of a TLD that reflects the identity of the Guangdong people provides an improved user experience for registrants to be able to utilize a domain name that reflects their identity, as well as for Internet users accessing the domain names to appreciate the relevance of the domain to what they may be looking for.

4. Registration Policies Supporting the Goals to Drive User Benefits

The Registry will accept Chinese IDN registrations under “.广东” TLD based on the time tested CDNC IDN Variant policies.

Comprehensive Sunrise and Startup (#29) policies and abuse prevention mechanisms (#28) will be put in place to build the reputation of the registry as a trusted platform respecting the rights of others and intellectual property rights online. At the same time, the utilization of the Pioneer Domains Program (#29) that balances the interests of rights holders with entrepreneurs and innovators without compromising the orderly and stable launch of the TLD, and encouraging the usage of the domain, further establishes the reputation of the TLD as an open global platform that is socially responsible.

Furthermore, special Sunrise phases will be put in place for entities in the Guangdong community to encourage their participation and also to drive the awareness of the TLD in the community that it intends to serve.

5. Privacy and Confidentiality Protection

As a socially responsible operator, the Registry is dedicated to ensuring that the privacy users and confidentiality of information is protected. The Registry, leveraging the infrastructure supported by its Registry Back-End Services provider, KNET, maintains a highly secure environment physically and technically to ensure that confidential information are not leaked. The Registry is also committed to developing and implementing policies that complies with privacy laws in the locality it operates out of and can be compatible with privacy laws of registrars and registrants of the registry. The Registry understands that there is no guarantee of compatibility of such laws especially given the global nature of the DNS and of the Internet at large, and is committed to dedicate itself, especially through its partner DotAsia (through Namesphere, as the Registry Front-End Services Provider for the Registry), to participate in the global Internet Governance discourse on the subject.

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