18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.scholarshipsScholarships.com, LLCscholarships.comView

i. In the event multiple entities express an interest in a 2nd level domain the domain would be awarded on a first-come⁄first-served basis.

ii. The pricing will be quite basic, really. The intention is really to make gTLDs available to those offering scholarships and providing information and⁄or services about scholarships. We would naturally attempt to cover the expenses associated with doing so, all the while accepting that the endeavor may well result in a net loss of funds for Scholarships.com, at least initially. That said, the pricing will take into consideration the fact that there is a fairly limited audience and therefore fewer clients over which to distribute the costs. Pricing will, however, be low enough ($100 annually) so as not to be prohibitive to clients such as community foundations and small, philanthropic scholarship providers with smaller endowments and⁄or fundraising capabilities. Bulk pricing will be available.

iii. Scholarships.com would notify those who have registered a second level domain of any price increases well in advance of such a change. Also, with regard to any notification of an action required by the registrant, such as renewal, and also for any automatic renewals, we would have a notification system in place to ensure registrants are apprised of the status of their domain(s).

iv. Though it would be difficult to police, every effort would be made to ensure that all sites with the “.scholarships” gTLD are functioning websites befitting the descriptive “.scholarships” gTLD. Those using their domain to drive traffic to splash pages full of ads would not be welcome to do so in this space.

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