18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.menuWedding TLD2, LLCwhatbox.coView

Wedding TLD2, LLC, the applicant for the “.menu” gTLD (the “Registry”) will serve a broad spectrum of the global public by providing an online community for all activities and interests related to restaurants and their menus. By building communities around these pursuits, the Registry will enhance communication, access to relevant information and searchability, foster innovation, job creation, economic growth, and creative opportunities among registrants, internet users and others.

The Registry intends to develop two components of this gTLD. The first is the traditional registry model - a domain registration wholesale-retail model. Beyond this, the Registry plans to establish Registry-owned domains and websites, in accordance with Specification 9 of the Registry Agreement, centered around different menu categories, such as: Italian, French, Sushi, German, Ethiopian, Mexican, Indian, to name just some examples. A dedicated domain and website for each of these categories will be a content-rich environment driving Search Engine Optimization (ʺSEOʺ) and viewership, and serving as an information, pricing, reviews and communication resource for its participants. Each domain will also contain a directory of enterprises wishing to gain greater exposure to the users of the site.

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