18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.bandRed Triangle, LLCwhatbox.coView

Red Triangle, LLC, the applicant for the “.band” gTLD (the “Registry”), will serve all persons with an interest in music. Across the globe, there currently more than 8 million bands, powering a music industry that generates approximately $30 billion dollars in fan-driven commerce annually. With the market for music consumption increasingly shifting online and growing globally, bands now market themselves through websites, to connect with existing fans and further develop their base. Newly formed bands seek to develop their online presence. Consequently, the formation of a new band often results in the registration of a domain name and related website. Ideally, these websites create a platform for bands to connect with their fans, through band-related information, socialization and commerce; but in practice this process is fragmented an inefficient. By contrast, established bands have already created online communities, with whom they strive to communicate more effectively. The Registry will provide a mechanism for accomplishing this goal. As for the general public, the present structure of the music industry obscures the relationship between the performer and the listener. .band will allow for direct interaction. The Registry will thereby serve all who possess this most significant passion – a love of bands and their music.

The gTLD will become an online space dedicated to the fan experience and the efforts of bands to reach their fans through music, information and merchandise. Bands and their fans will now have a dedicated and dynamic online community. The Registry will also provide the bands themselves with an invaluable resource to protect and disseminate their original content. By building communities around bands, key geographies and music genres, the Registry will enhance communication, searchability and access to relevant information; thereby fostering innovation, job creation, economic growth and creative opportunities among registrants, internet users and other interested parties.

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