18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.bomNúcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR - NIC.brregistro.brView

With the .bom gTLD we plan to identify the products, services and websites that has something good in the positive thinking way of life.

Our clients can request a domain .bom registration and promote its ʺgood goodsʺ whether they are products, services or messages. Of course, what is good for one is not good to another, but the self promotion of .bom (good) should be really good for the mainstream.

As NIC.br is a frequently consulted organization by the media and itʹs domain registration website for .br ranks #59 in Alexaʹs ranking for Brazil, publicity will be used to reach out to the intended audiences to help .bom achieve recognition as the way to say something is good.

.bom will be standing on the shoulders of the .br registry, carrying its widely known reputation and service-levels that made it the registry of choice of the vast majority of brazilian Internet presence.

Registration will be open to all law-abiding citizens or organizations to perform lawful and non-abusive activities using such domains, with registrations periods from 1 to 10 years.

As registrants identities will be disclosed thru WHOIS interfaces, contact information for persons will be abridged in the results to protect their privacy. Contact information for organizations will be published in full.

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