30(a) Security Policy: Summary of the security policy for the proposed registry

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30A. Security Policy
According to ICANNʹs New gTLD Applicant Guidebook, the Applicant has selected KSRP as the back-end service platform. To ensure security, KSRP is implemented in accordance with the internationally accepted ISO 27000, with full consideration of the security aspects of services and data as required by ICANN.
30A.1. Description of Information Security Policies
KSRP is built to achieve the following goals in accordance with ISO 27000:
a) Ensure that the information system supporting critical businesses is free from any outage resulted from failure, virus or attacks. The service level meets the committed SLA;
b) Safely and effectively protect the user information so that it will not be leaked, missing, falsified and unavailable;
c) Be able to rapidly, effectively and properly recover the system platform from any disaster.
To meet these goals, the Back-End Service Provider has implemented the information security management policies in accordance with ISO 27000 in the following 12 aspects:
a) Assets security management
b) Human resources security
c) Physical and environmental security
d) Operation regulations
e) Storage media management
f) Backup of data and services
g) Network infrastructure security
h) Network security events monitoring
i) Access control
j) Application services security
k) Information security events management
l) Management of business continuity
The ISO 27000 series that are followed by KSRP include:
a) ISO 27001: Information Security Management System
b) ISO 27002: Code of Practice for Information Security Management
c) ISO 27004: Information Security Management Measurement
d) ISO 27035: Information Security Incident Management Classification
30A.2. Overview of Information Security System Framework
KSRP is designed and built in the following information security measures to mitigate security risks caused by mistakes occurred in day to day work.
30A.2.1. Assets Management
KSRP recognizes and classifies the assets of the data centers and DNS nodes as follows:
a) Data: databases and database manuals;
b) Services: telecommunication services as well as other public utilities and their contracts;
c) Hardware resources: network equipment, host brand, model, configuration parameters and operating manuals or instructions;
d) Software resources: SRS server software, DNS software, Whois software, Registrar business support system, Registry business support system, mail server software, applicable website software and respective installation manuals and configuration files.
In order to effectively protect information resources above, The Back-End Service Provider classifies the platform assets by both importance and sensitivity. Please refer to Table 30A-1 in Q30_attachment.

30A.2.2. Human Resources Management
a) Establish definite posts with clearly defined duties to ensure people can really understand the nature of that post he⁄she applies for;
b) For crucial posts (posts above the director level, DBA and security specialist), The Back-End Service Provider will carefully evaluate the applicantsʹ background to ensure that they are qualified for such posts. The background information under evaluation may include a) personal profile; b) resume; c) academic level and professional qualifications; d) identity; e) other details;
c) The New Employee On-board Procedures clearly stipulate that the new employee sign a confidentiality agreement with the company shall his⁄her post require;
d) The Human Resources Department will regularly conduct training sessions for new employees to ensure all staff members are full aware of the serious consequences of information security threats;
e) The security commissioner regularly performs inspections on employeesʹ work to ensure that they perform their jobs in a way conforming to the security policies;
f) The Employee Exit Procedures shall stipulate that work handover be done well before an employee leaves the company. The Human Resources Department shall not handle the exit procedures until the employeeʹs manager confirms that his⁄her authority to access the internal systems has been revoked.
30A.2.3. Physical Environment Security
a) KSRP has established two enclosed and controlled physical work environment: one is a peripheral work environment called the Office Zone; the other is an internal environment called the Monitoring Center.
b) The company staff enters the the Office Zone with an access card. Non-company personnel are not allowed to enter the zone without permission.
c) Any visiting guest must always be escorted by a staff member.
d) The Monitoring Center is protected by stricter security measures. Only staff members received a higher security clearance are allowed to enter.
e) In order to ensure the secure operation of the system and identify any failings in regular work, we have applied video monitoring to the office zone and so we can provide the subsequent security auditing work with some evidence.
f) KSRP employs identity card and fingerprint authentication for access control. It combines physical security access with other security protection measures to build a secure working environment.
g) To ensure timely response to emergency, KSRP has deployed dual-backup support for communication services and utility facilities in the data center, including Internet access lines, telephone lines, electricity, power supplies, and air conditioning.
30A.2.4. Operation Regulations
KSRP has established strict procedures for managing changes to the online services which include Software Testing Procedures, Services Deployment Procedures, and Services Change⁄Upgrade Procedures. The following provisions are stipulated:
a) Before changes are made to the online services, the new software shall be strictly tested and pass the security validation scanning performed by the security specialist;
b) Operation personnel shall obtain the approved change request before deploying the changes in production;
c) Operation personnel shall back up software and data in production before rolling out changes to ensure that they can roll back the changes in case of deployment failures;
d) Operation personnel shall strictly follow the instructions stated in Service Deployment Practice Manual when rolling out changes to services in production;
e) After changes are made to the services in production, Operations personnel shall submit the services installation and maintenance documents to the O&M Department.
f) After changes are made to the services in production, the system administrator will perform an all-round monitoring on them.
30A.2.5. Storage Media Management
Except for system administrators, other staff members are not allowed to copy data between the production environment and the external media. Only the system administrators are authorized to perform data upload⁄download operations and all these actions are logged by KSRP for auditing.
The system administrator backs up a variety of data and application services logs from production to tapes as required every day. KSRP designates special personnel to keep these tapes in a safe place and rotate them for reuse once the data retention periods expire.
30A.2.6. Backup of Data and Services
KSRP backs up data and services with two objectives:
a) The services can be recovered as soon as possible in case of any disaster⁄failure;
b) The business can be audited at any time if needed;
To achieve these two goals, KSRP backs up the following assets:
a) Data in the databases;
b) Software resources (including binary code and relevant source code, configuration files and design documents) and operation log;
c) The standard operating system and third-party services software;
d) All equipment, models, specifications and other documents to the installation, operations and maintenance of the service environment.
Assets backup shall be done by the person in charge, and inspected by the security specialist on a periodic basis. Any identified issues shall be fixed as required.
The backup and inspection patterns vary by the natures of the assets. Different equipment, models, specifications as well as the installation and maintenance manuals, services and relevant documents shall be backed up and inspected when they are created and⁄or altered; the software resources and operation logs shall be backed up daily and inspected on a periodic basis; the data in the databases shall be backed up and inspected daily.
There are three daily data backup copies for KSRP data, one stored in the primary data center, one stored in the backup data center, and one copy stored on a tape as offline backup. This ensures that the system services can be recovered properly in case any man-made⁄natural accident occurs.
30A.2.7. Security of Network Environment
The KSRP network infrastructure is divided into two zones by firewalls: internal protection zone and the DMZ. The database platform is placed in the internal protection zone protected by a database firewall in front of all the front ends; the operating network environment is placed in the DMZ for providing services to the outside.
As the services provided by KSRP are Internet-based, the whole network infrastructure is very important for the platform. In order to maintain a robust and secure network environment, dedicated network professionals are assigned as the principal for all the network equipment assets to ensure the whole network is secure, smooth and fault-tolerant.
The duties of the network professionals include:
a) Design the network topology;
b) Ensure all network equipment are working normally;
c) Ensure these equipment are reachable to each other over the network;
d) Maintain passwords for all network equipment to keep unauthorized people from accessing these equipment;
e) Keep the network equipment highly available; timely back up all network routing policies and firewall control policies in order to ensure timely recovery from any failure;
f) Audit network security events to timely identify any potential threats.
30A.2.8. Network Security Events Monitoring
In addition to assisting the network professionals to maintain a secure, smooth and robust network environment, system administrators have another important role of monitoring various events occurred over the network.
KSRP is equipped with management functions to perform comprehensive monitoring over network equipment, servers and applications. A system administrator carries out the following daily tasks to manage network and services events with the monitoring platform:
a) The system administrator inspects various network and services events from the network management equipment, IDS equipment and the monitoring platform;
b) The system administrator follows the Services and Maintenance Manual to handle any identified network events;
c) The system administrator follows the Events Response Procedures for any identified events that require communications.
30A.2.9. Access Control
In order to ensure only authorized users are allowed to access the services provided in the operating environment, the Back-End Service Provider has enforced the following operation rules as part of the assets management requirements:
30A.2.9.1. Passwords Management
a) The identity authentication is based on user name⁄password; the password must be strong;
b) If the user tries to login with a wrong password 3 times in a row, the account is locked for at least one hour in order to prevent any malicious login attempts.
30A.2.9.2. Identity Authentication and Authorization:
a) Before accessing any system serving specific users, the user shall pass the identity authentication;
b) The user authority shall only be assigned by the system administrator.
30A.2.9.3. Routing Policies:
a) KSRP blocks remote access to the network via Internet for management purposes ;
b) For any privileged user logging on to any application system, the source IP address of the userʹs machine shall be qualified;
c) Any session that stays idle for over 30 minutes shall be disconnected;
d) For services only open to specific IP addresses, routing qualifications shall be provisioned for such IP addresses on the firewall.
30A.2.9.4. Host Restrictions:
1. Logging on to the operating system of a host shall be done via SSH;
2. Any operations done on the host after login shall be logged for auditing purpose.
3. The ROOT account of the host can only be accessed by the administrator; the ROOT account shall not be used unless it is absolutely necessary.
4. The host password shall be changed regularly.
30A.2.9.5. Firewall Protection:
a) All application services (except for DNS services) shall be placed behind the firewall for security purpose;
b) Only the ports used by these application services shall be open via the router and firewall; all other ports shall be closed.
c) The maximum number of connections shall be capped for all application services to mitigate risks of large-scale malicious attacks.
30A.2.9.6. Data Encryption:
a) Any confidential business data shall be transferred via HTTPS;
b) Any data files shall be transferred via VPN.
30A.2.9.7. Security Auditing:
a) The user list and user access authority shall be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the authority is up-to-date and invalid accounts are timely removed;
b) The network access log of the user shall be audited by the security specialist on a regular basis.
30A.2.10. Security of Application Services
KSRP ensures security of the application services in two aspects: 1) security of the operating system; 2) security of the application programs.
Security of the operating system is guaranteed by the following measures:
a) Uniformly install the operating system and security-related patches;
b) Turn on the firewall and only open the ports required by the application services;
c) Regularly check the operating system users and system files to ensure the important system files are not compromised.
Security of the application programs is guaranteed by the following measures:
a) For the application services provided to specific users, those users shall pass the identity authentication (certificate authentication or password authentication). If password is used, the password strength shall comply with the security policies;
b) If a specific user performs any operation on data via the application system, the system shall check the userʹs identity and rejects the operation if it is unauthorized. A detailed log shall be created for any authorized change for auditing;
c) The Measures of Administration of Source Code Security prohibits anyone from disclosing the source code to any third party;
d) Before any application services being put online, the security specialist shall perform a security scan on the software to identify any potential security threats;
e) The system administrator shall use the configuration administration tools to ensure the version of the service software in the operating environment complies with that of the software provided by the R&D Department;
f) The Security Management Procedures of Application Service requires that the security specialist track any defects of the third-party software disclosed by the company and timely upgrade the software;
g) The security specialist shall carry out reinforcement on the firewall and operating system in order to reduce the risks caused by any malicious intrusion to the application services.
30A.2.11. Information Security Events Management
 On KSRP,information security events are managed by the information security professionals who are in charge of collection and analysis of all information security events as well as formulation and implementation of the remedial solutions.
The information security specialist collects security events through two channels: the network monitoring log of the system, and authoritative websites disclosing security vulnerabilities.
The information security specialist works out a platform improvement plan after collecting and analyzing applicable security events. The plan will be submitted to the corporate management for approval before execution.
30A.2.12. Security Management of Business Continuity
Information systems of KSRP are classified by their importance as below:
a) Critical information systems: DNS services;
b) Important information systems: SRS services, Whois query, Registrar business support platform, Registry business support platform;
c) General information systems: websites, mail system, etc.
One of the following two cases constitutes an outage of an information system: 1) the system fails to provide services to the public; 2) the services level fails to meet the SLA. If the outage lasts for a while, it is considered as an event. The longer the event lasts, the bigger the loss is.
In addition, if user data of KSRP is leaked, missing or falsified, these occurrences are also considered as events. The bigger the ratio of affected data, the greater the loss caused by the event.
For the classification of events occurred on KSRP, please refer toTable 30A-2 in Q30_attachment:
In order to address the above-mentioned circumstances, KSRP has designed a series of services backup & restore procedures to ensure service continuity.
30A.3. Security Commitment to Registrants
KSRP provides the following security commitments to Registrants:
a) The availability of the DNS services is 100% monthly;
b) The availability of the SRS services is 99.9% monthly;
c) The availability of the Whois services is 99.9% monthly;
d) Service outage to the primary data center caused by disasters such as earthquake and flood, shall not last for more than 1 hour with almost no data loss.
Any data related to the Registrants will not be leaked;

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