15(c) List any variant strings to the applied-for gTLD string according to the relevant IDN tables

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.深圳Guangzhou YU Wei Information Technology Co., Ltd.zodiac-corp.comView
“.深圳” in Unicode is U+6DF1 U+5733

According to the IDN table submitted and using RFC 3743 algorithm as the basis, there are no IDN Variants.
gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.网店Global eCommerce TLD Asia Limitednamesphere.asiaView
In accordance with the submitted tables in 15(a), there is one preferred variant for the applied for gTLD string:

Extracting from the IDN Language Tables:
Base Char Preferred Variant (zh-CN) Preferred Variant (zh-TW)
U+7F51 网 U+7F51 网 U+7DB2網
U+5E97 店 U+5E97 店 U+5E97 店

With a primary string of: “网店” therefore, the preferred variant is:
U-Label: 網店
A-Label: xn--hxt650e
Unicode: U+7DB2;U+5E97
Language: Chinese
ISO639-1: ZH
Script: Han (Hanzi, Kanji, Hanja) [Han (Traditional variant)]
ISO15924: Hani 500 [Hant (502)]

Furthermore, as explained in Q14b above, due to the current limitations of the new gTLD process disallowing single word Chinese IDN TLDs (i.e. single character IDN TLDs), the intended TLD string “店” (U+5E97), cannot be applied for.

Furthermore, based on the GNSO policy recommendations (http:⁄⁄⁄issues⁄new-gtlds⁄pdp-dec05-fr-parta-08aug07.htm, which incorporated the IDN-WG output report: http:⁄⁄⁄drafts⁄idn-wg-fr-22mar07.htm -- 4.1.1 Avoidance of ASCII-Squatting), there is agreement to avoid “ASCII-squatting” situations where applications for new non-IDN gTLD strings, if accepted for insertion in the root at an earlier stage than IDN gTLDs, could pre-empt later applications for IDN gTLDs.

Respecting such recommendations, the Registry is not applying for “.dian” which is a representation of the single character IDN TLD “.店” in its pinyin (Romanized) form, because it would be considered “ASCII-squatting” according to the GNSO recommendations.

We therefore consider that should any applicant apply for “.dian” in this round, it should be rejected based on the GNSO consensus recommendation. If there is any reason otherwise to consider such application, it should at least be considered to be in a contention set with this application.