18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.OFFICEMicrosoft Corporationmicrosoft.comView

The mission of Microsoft Corporation is to transform the way people work, play and communicate throughout the world through the provision of software, services and hardware. Microsoft does business throughout the world, with offices in more than 100 countries and over 90,000 employees. Every day, billions of consumers and businesses work, play, and communicate using Microsoft software, services, and hardware.

Microsoft Office system products are designed to increase personal, team, and organization productivity through a range of programs, services, and software solutions. Hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide use Microsoft Office system products to meet a wide range of needs such as creating, editing, collaborating on, storing, and sharing spread sheets, calendars, budgets, invoices, presentations, diagrams, photos, videos, audio, and documents; communicating via email and instant messages; managing information and content; and performing desk top publishing.

The mission of the .office registry is to lay the ground work for providing consumers and businesses who interact with Microsoft through the .office gTLD with a more secure and authentic experience, to protect the Microsoft Office brand, and to promote the Microsoft Office system.

We are assessing the opportunities that a new gTLD has for the delivery of secure communications, products, and services.

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