18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.creditunionCUNA Performance Resources, LLCcuna.comView

18.1 Mission and Purpose of .Creditunion
The intention of CUNA Performance Resources, LLC (ʺCUNA LLCʺ) in filing this application is to provide a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive namespace for entities that have a meaningful nexus with the credit union sector. Such entities include but are not limited to, credit unions, credit union trade associations and leagues, credit union service organizations, regulatory bodies, and entities offering products and services aimed primarily at credit unions.

18.1.1 CUNA Performance Resources, LLC

CUNA LLC was formed in Wisconsin, USA, on January 15, 2004 and its sole member is the Credit Union National Association, Inc. (“CUNA Inc.”). CUNA Inc. is the premier national trade association serving Americaʹs credit unions. This not-for-profit trade group is governed by volunteer directors who are elected by their credit union peers. CUNA Inc. represents the interests of, and provides a wide variety of products and services to, approximately 90 percent of America’s 7,300 state and federally chartered credit unions.

Credit unions in the United States have been a part of the financial services industry for more than one hundred years and currently hold almost one trillion dollars in assets. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial service cooperatives serving more than 90 million members in the United States alone. Globally, there are more than 50,000 credit unions in 100 countries, serving over 180 million people.

18.1.2 Potential Business Models

CUNA LLC is still analyzing potential use case options for the type of domain names that will be permitted to be registered and by whom. Specifically, CUNA LLC is relying upon CUNA Inc. and other members of the credit union sector to help develop a framework that will ensure that the credit union community is provided information and services in a safe and trusted environment. The current best thinking involves a two-stage roll-out.

Stage One (3 months – 12 months)

The primary use of the .CREDITUNION gTLD will initially be primarily defensive in nature, with CUNA LLC registering a small number of second level domain names to CUNA Inc. and select members of the credit union sector. This initial use will provide select IT and security personnel within the credit union sector the ability to run a number of tests to ensure seamless and secure access to various websites, and interoperability with various software and web-based applications. This will take at least several months, and up to one year.

Stage Two (Following Conclusion of Stage One)

Once appropriate security and stability issues have been satisfactorily addressed, CUNA LLC will implement the appropriate Sunrise and Trademark Clearing House Rights Protection Mechanisms and expand the allocation of domain names within the broader credit union sector as identified above. This phased roll-out will likely take place as soon as CUNA LLC makes a business decision that it is the appropriate time to expand the registration universe and use of the new domain name, but any final decision is subject to change depending upon a range of external factors. During this same period of time CUNA LLC, in consultation with the credit union sector, will evaluate potential strategies to integrate with and⁄or migrate traffic away from the current patchwork network of second level domains registered in various TLDs, to the new .CREDITUNION gTLD.

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