18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.ansonsCBM Creative Brands Marken GmbHansons.deView


The mission⁄purpose of the .ansons TLD is to promote the Anson’s brand and retail business. Anson’s is a leading European fashion business of Creative Brands Marken GmbH (referred to throughout this answer as ‘CBM’).

The applicant for the .ansons TLD is CBM, an entity wholly owned by the international fashion company Peek & Cloppenburg KG. Peek & Cloppenburg is the owner of the registered trademark ‘Ansons van P&C’ trademark (WO-686150). Peek & Cloppenburg have licensed this trademark to CBM for the purposes of the .ansons TLD.

Anson’s is one of the leading men’s fashion brands in Germany. With the introduction of the .ansons TLD, CBM plans to continue the brand’s leadership and extend it to a wider audience, the global Internet public. CBM sees the .ansons TLD as a unique opportunity to transition its existing Anson’s brand domain name portfolio and online presence to an authoritative, dedicated, and trusted online space that is clearly, concisely and relevantly named. Anson’s customers – current and prospective – will be able to interact with the Anson’s brand and business with confidence. The use of an authoritative space will also help to reduce and⁄or eliminate domain names that are registered for the purposes of infringing the Anson’s trademark.

To enable this, CBM plans to request an exemption from clause 1b of the Registry Operator Code of Conduct (Specification 9) pursuant to clause 6 of the Code of Conduct to enable it to register domain names in its own right in this TLD. Registrations will not be made commercially available; all domain name registrations in the TLD will be registered to and maintained by CBM for its own exclusive use. CBM will not sell, distribute or transfer control or use of any registration in the TLD to any third party that is not an Affiliate, as that term is defined in clause 2.9(c) of the Registry Agreement.

The .ansons TLD will allow for domain name registrations in support of Anson’s brand products and initiatives, whilst providing an impeccable level of service, quality, authenticity and value through an advanced online environment. It will further the public interest by providing an authoritative, intuitive and cohesive communications channel that promotes the Anson’s brand. Through the .ansons TLD, CBM will drive innovation not only in the fashion sector, but in the Internet as a whole. Having already demonstrated this innovation and leadership in its own industry, CBM hopes to provide existing and potential customers as well as the broader Internet community greater levels of service through the .ansons TLD. The added confidence inherent in CBM being the only eligible registrant in the TLD will ensure a direct and trusted line of communication between consumers and the Anson’s brand and business. The innovation, increase in service level and trust in the TLD will also serve to promote competition on the Internet.

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