20(e) Provide a description of the applicant's intended registration policies in support of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.bbbCouncil of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.cscinfo.comView

I. Registrant Eligibility Restrictions
Based on the aforementioned objectives and mission of the proposd .bbb TLD, there will be strict limitations on which persons, organizations and entities are allowed to acquire a .bbb domain. Eligible Registrants fall into the categories set forth below.
Accredited Businesses
Accredited Businesses are those entities that:
• have been evaluated by their local BBB;
• have an executed accreditation agreement in place with their local BBB agreeing to comply with BBB’s Code of Business Practices; and
• are currently in good standing with their local accrediting BBB.
Accredited Charities
Eligible Accredited Charities are charitable organizations that:
• have been evaluated by their local BBB and have been found to meet the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability, have signed a BBB charity seal program agreement with their local BBB and are currently in good standing with their local accrediting BBB; or
• have been evaluated by the BBB WGA and have been found to meet the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability, have signed an agreement with BBB WGA to participate in the National Charity Seal Program, and are currently in good standing with the BBB WGA.
Council of Better Business Bureaus
The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) is a nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Virginia, that serves as the umbrella organization for the local BBBs, coordinates the standards and policies for all BBBs, and ensures compliance therewith.
Local Better Business Bureaus
Local Better Business Bureaus (BBBs) are non-profit entities that have signed an agreement with the CBBB to operate as a local BBB and are in good standing with CBBB.
BBB Wise Giving Alliance
The BBB Wise Giving Alliance is a U.S. tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization which helps donors make informed giving decisions and advances high standards of conduct among organizations that solicit contributions from the public.
II. Restricted and Reserved Names
Our proposed registration policies will include:

• All applicable restrictions and requirements in accordance with Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement which may be signed between CBBB and ICANN
• Prohibition on the use of BBB, Better Business Bureau, and other CBBB trademarks unless under license
• Prohibition on the use of any CBBB trademarks as part of a registrant’s domain names except under license
• Compliance with all applicable ICANN consensus policies

III. Registration Use and Conduct of Registrants
Below are some primary terms and conditions that will be required of registrants of .bbb. As necessary, CBBB may impose additional requirements in keeping with ICANN registration policies and best practices.
• A registrant may not register the .bbb domain name for an unlawful purpose or knowingly use the domain name in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.
• Registrations under .bbb may only be used for business or charitable purposes related to the community member’s accreditation.
• Registrations under .bbb shall not be used for personal, non-business-related purposes.
• Registrants must act in accordance with all specified BBB standards and codes (as applicable and as may be amended) in their use of the .bbb TLD.
• Failure to adhere to standards and codes that are the basis of BBB accreditation and⁄or loss of accreditation will be grounds for suspension or termination of .bbb registrations and⁄or community member status and privileges.
• Registrants of .bbb domains may not transfer a registered .bbb to any other person or entity.
• Registrants of .bbb domains may not delegate subdomains to external organizations, institutions, or individuals, or use such subdomains for purposes external to the basis for their entitlement to registration in .bbb.
• Registrants of .bbb also may not register a domain name solely for the purposes of selling, trading or leasing the domain name for compensation; or the unsolicited offering to sell, trade or lease the domain name for compensation; or permitting the domain name to be used on any terms whatsoever by any organization, institution or individual other than the one to which it is registered.
• No proxy⁄private registration will be permitted. True and accurate registrant information must be contained in the WHOIS. Failure to comply will result in suspension and or loss of the .bbb domain and may result in loss of other .bbb domain names held by the registrant and⁄or loss of .bbb registration privileges⁄eligibility.

IV. Compliance and Enforcement

There is an ongoing review of all accredited entities by CBBB, the BBBs and BBB WGA to ensure accreditation eligibility is maintained. The BBBs themselves are also regularly evaluated under the BBB governance system . As part of these reviews, registrants will lose the right to register, renew, and⁄or hold .bbb domain name(s) if the following occurs:

• For Accredited Businesses: if an Accredited Business is no longer BBB accredited or accreditation is suspended or revoked.
• For Accredited Charities: if an Accredited Charity is no longer accredited or upon termination of the BBB charity seal program agreement or the National Charity Seal Program agreement.
• For local Better Business Bureaus: if a BBB is terminated, acquired or otherwise discontinues operating as a BBB.
• If any registrant violates .bbb content and use policies, specified in section III above.

Consumers, donors and other third parties will be able to file a complaint with the BBB WGA and⁄or a local BBB regarding practices of an accredited business or accredited charity and⁄or non-compliant content or use involving a .bbb domain name. Complaints regarding noncompliance with content and use policies will be forwarded to the accredited business or charity for response by the applicable BBB or BBB WGA within a specified time to be set forth in the registration terms and conditions. Accredited businesses and accredited charities will in turn have a specified time to take corrective action and⁄or provide a response to the applicable BBB. Failure to respond will result in a second notice where the accredited business or accredited charity will only have seven days to take corrective action and⁄or respond. Failure to take corrective action or respond will result in accreditation review by the applicable BBB, immediate suspension of all .bbb names held by the registrant and, when appropriate, escalation of the matter to CBBB for consideration of termination of all .bbb domain names. Complaints regarding noncompliance with accreditation standards will be handled within the accreditation review process and, when appropriate, will result in immediate suspension of all .bbb names held by the registrant.
V. Appeal Mechanism for Domain Name Revocation and Suspension
If a registrant has its .bbb domain name suspended or revoked based on a finding by the registry that the registrant has violated the content and use policies of the .bbb gTLD and registrant disagrees with the decision of the .bbb registry, registrant may dispute the decision. If awarded the .bbb gTLD, registry applicant will procure an experienced third party arbitration service provider to mediate such disputes and work with the chosen arbitration service provider to develop detailed dispute resolution rules and procedures.

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