18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.goldWGC (IOM) Limitedgold.orgView

The Applicant is a wholly owned subsidiary of the World Gold Council, a non-profit organisation tasked with the market development for the gold industry (collectively referred to as the World Gold Council Group). Working within the investment, jewellery and technology sectors, as well as engaging in government affairs, the World Gold Council’s purpose is to provide industry leadership, whilst stimulating and sustaining demand for gold. Thus, the World Gold Council is involved in every single current application of gold, while also prospecting for new uses for gold, ranging from nanotechnology to new investment products.

The World Gold Council Group has 23 members that comprise the world’s leading gold mining companies, representing approximately 60% of global corporate gold production. Members are active across a wide geographical spread covering markets such as Australia, India, Canada, Africa and China. Based centrally in the UK, the World Gold Council Group works throughout Europe, the US, India and the Far East, engaging with key global and regional stakeholders, partnering with experts in industry and academia to educate decision makers and communicate the value of gold.

Therefore, and given the tasks of the Applicant within the World Gold Council Group, the Applicant is in a unique position to represent and protect the brand of GOLD and GOLD is the World Gold Council Group’s most recognized business and identifier with international exposure.

Based on this background, the purpose of the TLD is manifold, as will be further explained below:
i. Reflect and operate Applicant’s key and most distinctive business and identifier (“GOLD”) at the top level of the DNS’ hierarchy, in particular to distinguish the Applicant’s objective, trusted information on gold from competing online content on gold that may be false or misleading;
It is the Applicant’s strategy to clearly distinguish its Corporate web presence on gold.org, tailored to its Corporate stakeholders, from its market-facing web presence that provides authoritative, objective information about GOLD to consumers .GOLD will help the Applicant achieve this goal.
ii. Provide stakeholders of the Applicant, including subsidiaries, and their respective members, partners, customers, sponsorships, with a recognizable and trusted identifier on the Internet;
iii. Provide such stakeholders with a secure and safe Internet environment that is mainly or even fully under the control of the Applicant and its subcontractors;
iv. Provide selected stakeholders in GOLD brands and identifiers with the opportunity to create a secure and safe Internet environment that is mainly or even fully under control of the Applicant and⁄or such stakeholders.

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