18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.verisignVeriSign, Inc.verisign.comView

The .verisign gTLD will leverage the same industry-leading Internet technologies that have
made the TLDs we operate reliable, secure, and available for more than a decade. The gTLD
will reinforce the reputation and trust of Verisign products and services such as Verisign DDoS
Protection, Verisign Managed DNS, and Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services.

The .verisign gTLD will allow us to better differentiate our unique products and services by
identifying the landing pages of such products and services as authentically Verisign’s. This
identification will allow customers to feel secure that the information they are receiving is coming
from Verisign and its authorized affiliates and not a third party that may be spoofing the site or
operating a phishing scam. The .verisign gTLD will also provide credibility that the inventions
and data we share through this gTLD come directly from Verisign.

The .verisign gTLD will assure visitors to our site that the information they are receiving is
coming from Verisign and not an unauthorized third party. The gTLD will act as a visual indicator
for the user and will help build the Verisign brand and association to our services in the market.

As such, registrations of domain names for the .verisign gTLD may only be performed by an
authorized registrant acting on behalf of VeriSign, Inc. All domain name registrations in the
gTLD will be registered to and maintained by VeriSign, Inc. for our own exclusive use. VeriSign,
Inc. does not currently plan to sell, distribute, or transfer control or use of any registrations in
the gTLD to any third party that is not an affiliate. Verisign intends to implement registration
policies that: (i) require Verisign to approve any and all registrations; (ii) require all registrations
to be in the name of Verisign and⁄or our affiliates; and (iii) require that control of such
registrations and their use remain with Verisign and ⁄or our affiliates and partners.

As the sole registrant for the .verisign gTLD, we will publish all required registrant information in
our Whois system, which will not contain private or confidential information. We will also publish
Verisign contact and customer support contact information on our .verisign website. To the
extent .verisign allows registrations by individuals, Verisign will protect such confidential
information of such registrants in substantially the same manner as we protect the confidential
information of registrants in .name

To achieve our projected benefits:

* We will use the .verisign gTLD in the promotion and communication of the new Verisign
brand and product marketing communication efforts. We will also promote and
communicate about the .verisign gTLD in our brand and product marketing efforts.

* The .verisign gTLD will serve as the online anchor point ⁄ destination, providing a
branded experience for most Verisign brand, product, and services marketing
communication efforts. As the online hub of our efforts to build our brand value and
equity, the .verisign gTLD will enhance awareness, engagement, and advocacy for our
company, brand, products, and services as well as our resellers and customers.
Depending on the communication objectives, second-level domain names may be
necessary, especially with product and service marketing communication programs.

* Verisign audiences will receive a relevant and customized brand experience with
.verisign. Second-level domain names could be used to create secure and personalized
access to content, resources, and information.

* The .verisign gTLD will serve as the destination point for our channel and alliance
partners. The gTLD will allow secure, personalized partner access to marketing content,
resources, and promotions for channel and affinity partners’ program strategies.

* The .verisign second-level domain names will be used as secure, personalized entry
points that partners can access for resources, information, and co-marketing assets.
Each custom entry point will provide customized assets, news, and information relevant
to the partner’s business and ⁄ or its customers’ needs.

* Future programs will allow similar personalized content and information that consumers
or other key audiences could access. This strategy will result in content that is not only
easier to access, but also more relevant to the needs and desires of all Verisign
audiences and constituents.

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