20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.islamAsia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.nsline.comView
AGITSYS is founded, owned and managed by Muslim people. AGITSys utilizes the technical expertise of highly-qualified Muslims, and it is incorporated in Turkey, a Muslim-majority country where 98% of the population follows Islam.

AGITSys’ team is entirely comprised of Middle Eastern citizens, a region where Islam is the major religion, and the heart of Islam. Additionally, Turkey’s geographical and political location aids enormously in this endeavor, as it literally and figuratively sits in-between the East and West. The .ISLAM gTLD is designed to accommodate a global community, and AGITSysʹ team’s work with ICANN has always looked toward serving Muslims globally. A location sitting between the East and West facilitates this process.

• Relations to the community and its constituent parts⁄groups.

As stated above, AGITSys and its constituent team members hail from the heart of the Muslim community, both in terms of geography and the nationality of the team members. Their links to the community therein are thus irrefutably strong, as they themselves are passionate members of it.

AGITSys therefore not only has sufficient technical knowledge and expertise to run the .ISLAM gTLD, but is also supported by important well-known figures within the Islamic world. Going forward, the trust and support from the Muslim community this will ensure will be fundamental to the successful operation of a thriving community under the .ISLAM gTLD.

• Accountability mechanisms of applicant to the community.

AGITSys will oversee the formation of a .ISLAM Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) populated by members of the Islamic community. AGITSys intends that the PAC be representative of the entire broad spectrum of the Muslim community. It therefore intends to engage religious figures, academics, public figures and a broad range of community leaders and other interested parties as a part of this committee. Anyone with a desire to do so will be able to apply to become a member of the PAC, and AGITSys will not discriminate against any applicants; if their application is strong then the simplest farmer has as much chance of joining the board as a distinguished academic.
The PAC would serve as a conduit for the community to weigh in on any policy matters that impact the operation of the gTLD. These can range from abuse prevention and mitigation to registration policies and the maintenance and structure of the .ISLAM community.
The PAC will also be critical for our continued outreach across the community as we spread the word about the .ISLAM gTLD. It will serve as a key channel of communication with, and anchor to, the community which this effort hopes to serve.. As discussed later in this response, the PAC will be responsible for developing a list of reserved names that will ensure that any domains registered in this TLD do not infringe upon or in any other way impugn key words to the community.
gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.CorpDot Registry LLChotmail.comView
DOT Registry, LLC is owned solely by ECYBER Solutions Group, Inc., a registered Corporation in the State of Kansas. DOT Registry has a direct relationship to the proposed community because of our ownership makeup. In addition, DOT Registry is a corporate affiliate of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), an organization which represents state officials who oversee the business filings process in the US, and is working to develop individual relationships with each Secretary of State’s office in order to ensure our continued commitment to honor and respect the authorities of each state.
DOT Registry is acutely aware of our responsibility to uphold our mission statement of: building confidence, trust, reliance, and loyalty for consumers and business owners alike by creating a dedicated gTLD to specifically serve the Community of Corporations.DOT Registry has also specifically pledged to NASS and various Secretary of Stateʹs offices to responsibly manage this gTLD in a manner that will both protect and promote business development in the US. Further our policies were developed through direct collaboration with the above described offices as to mitigate any possibly of misrepresenting their regulations

In order to ensure that we accomplish this goal and preserve the credibility of our operations DOT Registry has taken the following advance actions to ensure compliance and community protection:
1) Developed registration policies that are currently reflective of common state law dictating the creation and retention of corporations in the United States.
2) Created a strong partnership with CSC (an ICANN approved registrar also specializing in corporate formation services). Through this partnership DOT Registry was able to develop a streamlined verification process to validate potential Registrants as members of the community and ensure that continued annual verifications are completed in a time sensitive and efficient manner. This process will ensure that consumers are not misled by domains registered with the “.CORP” gTLD and eliminated the burden on our Registrars to verify community membership. Additionally, this process will create peace of mind amongst community members by ensuring that their integrity is not diminished by falsely identified corporations being represented by a “.CORP” extension.
3) Built a strong relationship with several Secretaries of State in order to receive and give consistent input on policy implementation and state regulation updates.
4) Established an in-house legal and policy director to review, enhance, and ensure compliance and consistency with all registration guidelines and community representations.
As indicated in many of the attached endorsement letters, DOT Registry will be held specifically accountable for protecting the integrity of its restrictions and of the members of this community. DOT Registry will consult directly with NASS and its Secretary of State policy advisors consistently in order to continue to accurately represent the Community of Corporations and live up to the vast standards associated to the “.CORP” gTLD.
In furtherance of this goal, DOT Registry has secured endorsement letters from critical advocates for and representatives of the proposed community, including:
1) The National Association of Secretaries of State Executive Committee: This association’s membership as described above consists of the Secretaries of State from all US territories and jurisdictions as well as the Lieutenant Governors responsible for overseeing business entity formation in the United States. This is the only organization in the US which services all states and jurisdictions related to business filings.
2) Various Secretary of States Offices: Specifically The Secretary of State of Delaware which represents over 64% of public corporations in the United States and a majority of members in this community and The Secretary of State of South Dakota, which serves as Chair of the NASS business services committee, which is working towards combatting business identity theft and fictitious business registration.
3) Members of the community including but not limited to CSC our registrar partner and Legal Zoom, the nation’s leading provider for online business registration.
DOT Registry can be viewed as an exemplary community representative not only through its pledged commitment to excellence, but also through its strong affiliation to the endorsing government offices charged with registering and overseeing members of this community. DOT Registry pledges through its registry policies to uphold a common standard of evaluation for all applicants and to add increased integrity to the Community of Registered Corporations. These pledges are further enforced by the endorsement letters from the above organizations, which call the authentication⁄verification measures proposed by DOT Registry critical to the success of the proposed community.
Similarly, DOT Registry will adhere to all standards of business operations as described in the Kansas state business statutes and will be equally accountable to consumers to deliver continuously accurate findings and valid registrations.