18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.ryukyuBusinessRalliart inc.gmoregistry.comView

[Brief Introduction of Ryukyu]
In modern Japanese context, Ryukyu generally refers to the Okinawa Prefecture. It is also known in Japanese as Ryukyu Islands, Nansei Islands, and Ryukyu Arc. Okinawa Prefecture has historic links, in terms of administrative extent, to the Ryukyu Kingdom, Ryukyu-han, and government of Ryukyu Islands. Ryukyu is surrounded by the clean oceans and nature, and has a subtropical climate, with its own unique history, traditions, languages, and cultures. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations offering recreational and marine activities in Japan.

[Mission and Purpose]
The mission and purpose of .ryukyu are as follows:
- To establish an online presence for Okinawa;
- To provide a better, easy, secure, and meaningful name space for communication; and
- To contribute to the development of Okinawa.

The Applicant strongly believes that it is important to extend the global reach and mindshare of .ryukyu domain names in order to achieve the stated mission and purpose. Therefore, second level domain names under the TLD are open for registration to everyone. The Applicant will strive to maintain industry leading service levels, innovate and deliver a superior user experience associated with the TLD, bringing benefits to Okinawa, registrants, and Internet users.

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