18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.dohaThe Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology “ictQATAR”ict.gov.qaView


All domain name registrations in the .doha TLD will be registered to, and maintained by, ictQATAR for the exclusive use of ictQATAR and its Affiliates. ictQATAR will not distribute, or transfer control, or grant use of any registrations in the TLD to any third party that is its Affiliate. As such, ictQATAR will maintain a high degree of control over the TLD through the implementation of internal policies and processes, ensuring adherence to restrictions on eligibility and use. ictQATAR have interpreted this question broadly and prepared this response to consider social costs and other negative consequences facing the consumers and Internet users who will access content through the .doha TLD; ictQATAR considers these likewise eliminated or minimised by the manner in which the .doha TLD will be operated.


Multiple applications for the registration of a domain name are not anticipated in the .doha TLD due to the registration of .doha domain names being restricted to ictQATAR. There are thus no competing interests and no opportunity for multiple applications to register a domain name.

The decision-making authority as to which domain names will be registered and for which purposes will be vested in a single individual within ictQATAR; this will be addressed through internal processes regarding domain name registration, which will require approvals within established reporting lines and the use of access credentials to register domain names. Registration in the .doha TLD will thus effectively be first-come, first-serve at all stages of registration (sunrise and general registration).


Registrations will not be commercially available in the .doha TLD; cost benefits to registrants and price escalation are thus not relevant to the TLD.


Registrations will not be commercially available in the .doha TLD; contractual commitments regarding price escalation are therefore also not applicable to the TLD.

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