18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.rioEmpresa Municipal de Informática SA - IPLANRIOregistro.brView

Operated by Rio city Government, .rio domain will be based on a closed registry model. In order to have a .rio domain delegated, Government organizations or other eligible entities can apply without cost for any second level domain in .rio. Private individuals are not allowed to request⁄register a domain under .rio which is a institutional and geographic TLD with benefits for users and Rio city Government, therefore there isn’t worry about the profit of this TLD.
In case of more than one Government organization or entity applying for the same available domain, the tie break will be the decision of a Rio city Government representative. The same rule will be applied if entities or organizations request a .rio domain in use. Important to notice that in both cases the contention will be resolved internally.
Any Government organization or entity with the rights above a .rio domain will be the main responsible for its specific domain. It will also have data and content usage verified by Rio city Government and shall provide certified documents and updated data upon request.
Independent of the expiration date, once delegated a .rio domain and in case of the Government organization or entity doesn’t follow the usage policies for its domains, Rio city Government can revoke the .rio domain at any time upon public communication always caring about the Rio city Government and internet users benefits.

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