18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.monashMonash Universitymonash.eduView


Monash University consider that there are many important benefits of the .monash TLD, and that these benefits will be experienced by two main beneficiaries, Monash University and Internet users.

Monash University:

Acquisition of the .monash TLD will benefit Monash University by reinforcing the University’s commitment to innovation and thought leadership, particularly in relation to the use of technology in education and research. By acquiring a TLD, the university is making a bold leadership statement within the industry and the broader digital community about its commitment to continuous development and innovation. This is consistent with the University’s desire to make a difference in everything it does. In making this commitment, Monash University will gain recognition and acknowledgment and set itself apart from competitors.

The .monash TLD will also provide the University with the benefit of complete control over its online footprint. This will be achieved through the complete control that the University will exercise over the .monash TLD, which will be enabled by an exemption from Clause 1b of the Registry Operator Code of Conduct. This dynamic, perpetual asset will be customised and tailored by the University on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is consistent with the University’s vision and purpose, as well as the internal policies and processes in place to support the .monash TLD’s mission and purpose. As such, the .monash TLD will enable the University to reflect its dynamic, transformative nature through domain name registrations to a greater extent than is possible in existing TLDs.

The .monash TLD will also provide the University with the benefit of greater flexibility, access to and utilisation of its online space. Marketing campaigns will benefit from increases in message recall and brand identification through simple and effective messages such as mba.monash or alumni.monash. Such campaigns can be quickly and easily created by authorised people within the University, allowing effective targeting of market segments.

All domain names in the .monash TLD will be registered by Monash University, thus preventing abuse and in particular offering high protection to Monash University’s valuable name and reputation. The .monash TLD will benefit the University by protecting its brand and its users against harms related to illegitimate or unauthorised information. The .monash TLD provides a safe, controlled space that guarantees the source of information accessed through that space.

Internet Users:

The .monash TLD will benefit Internet users, including staff, students, researchers and other partners, as well as the broader Internet public seeking Monash University services and information because it will engender an increase in trust and confidence regarding the legitimacy of information accessed through .monash sites. This legitimacy is made possible by the single registrant⁄single user nature of this TLD, with Monash University as the only registrant and thus only source of services and information accessed through .monash domain names. Legitimacy is underpinned by the robust internal procedures that will be in place to prevent misuse of the TLD and effectively mitigate any misuse or abuse that does occur.

The .monash TLD will also benefit Internet users by making information about Monash University easier to locate in an increasingly populated DNS. The naming convention that will be employed in the .monash TLD (for example, research.monash or students.monash) will enable better user experience for online users searching for information, while also reducing confusion.


Registrations in the .monash TLD will be made exclusively by Monash University for the primary purpose of promoting its teaching and research services to the world. The goals for the TLD reflect that fundamental nature of the TLD, and are primarily directed at its area of specialty (in that it provides a space dedicated to Monash University), a high level of service (in that it provides a safe space that engenders trust and confidence) and reputation (in that it differentiates Monash University as a leader in the education sector in terms of its online presence and capabilities).


A significant goal in introducing the .monash TLD is to create a cohesive, easily identified online space that is dedicated exclusively to Monash University. To achieve this goal, eligibility restrictions will limit registration and use in the TLD to Monash University. These will be enforced through internal registration processes, as well as through the TLD’s robust Acceptable Registration and Use Policy which has been provided in response to Question 28.

The achievement of this goal can be measured by the ongoing refinement of University processes and enforcement of applicable policies to ensure that the .monash space remains dedicated exclusively to the University. Low incidence of abuse and prompt, effective handling of notified abuse will signal success in achieving this goal.


Another goal of the .monash TLD is to increase Internet user trust and confidence. This trust and confidence will come from the fact that all content accessed through the .monash TLD will be authorised by Monash University. Internet users can thus expect that the information they access through the .monash TLD is official and legitimate. The achievement of this goal also depends upon the enforcement of eligibility restrictions and implementation of internal registration processes. Low incidence of abuse and prompt, effective handling of notified abuse will signal success in achieving this goal as well.


Another fundamental goal is that the .monash TLD will become the single, authoritative digital home of Monash University and thus its main channel of communication with staff, students, alumni, partners, and the wider global Internet community. Those seeking Monash University in the online environment will utilise the .monash TLD and acknowledge that space as the single, authoritative digital home of Monash University.


Monash University considers that the best way to determine whether these goals are attained will be to gauge the Internet userʹs experience in interacting with and transacting through the .monash TLD.

The University’s initial use of the TLD will be a transition of existing domain names in other TLDs to the .monash TLD. One approach to measuring the above goals’ achievement will therefore be to monitor the usage of .monash domain names compared to the University’s existing domain name portfolio. This will be conducted after the first three years of operations of the .monash TLD, after which time it is hoped that most traffic will have migrated to the .monash TLD. Comparison data between existing Monash University sites and new .monash sites will be generated to determine whether the latter are successful at reaching users and generating a greater volume of traffic than previously measured.

To facilitate the transition from the University’s existing domain name portfolio and the .monash TLD, surveys will be conducted on an ongoing basis in both existing TLD and new .monash sites to obtain feedback from visitors. Specifically, these surveys will gauge the user experience with relation to such things as the ease of finding information, the look and feel of sites, likelihood of repeat visits, and related factors. Monash University considers that the results of these surveys will be particularly useful in year one to gauge initial reaction, and then re-adjust the naming convention and use of registrations as required to meet usersʹ expectations and interests.

Another approach that can be used to quantify success in terms of Internet users’ understanding of the reputation of the .monash TLD and its direct link to the Universityʹs existing reputation will be to use social media surveys and market studies; these will be conducted at least once annually during the first five years following the TLD’s launch to closely track awareness, reputation and use.

It is important to note that Monash University will not measure the success of this goal purely by search engine ranking. Search engine results will, however, be combined with web metrics to identify on a regular basis the percentage of non-referred requests. This will give the University a clear picture of the “mind share” within the online community at any given time. Search engine ranking should follow soon after, but Monash University acknowledges the vagaries of search engine display order and will not consider this on its own a reliable measure of success.


Monash University consider that there are many highly desirable benefits of achieving these goals, including:

– Increased Internet user trust when viewing information online and increased availability of Monash University education, experience and research knowledge throughout the world, and the trust, reliability and consistency that will result from these.

– Enhanced global research capabilities by enabling easier access to and location of Monash University’s immense online information repository.

– Greater visibility for Monash University’s globally-recognised academic and research staff and their influential work.

– Reinforcement of Monash University’s commitment to innovation, thought leadership and the maximisation of the benefits of technology in education and research.

– Strengthening and protection of Monash Universityʹs brand, which is underpinned by its existing reputation as a leading provider of higher education and research.



An important difference between the .monash TLD and existing TLDs will be the Single Registrant⁄Single User model of the .monash TLD. Domain names in the .monash TLD will not be commercially available, but rather will be registrable only by the Registry Operator. This will bring added benefits to the DNS in terms of preventing abuse and infringement and increasing reliability and trust. The .monash TLD will contribute to a new level of trust and confidence in online-supported education, e-commerce, and e-research, and in so doing support the overarching mission⁄purpose of the .monash TLD.


The .monash space contributes innovation to the DNS through its single registrant⁄single user model, as well as through the policies and internal procedures that will underpin this model. As a thought leader in the use of digital technologies, Monash University is extremely well suited to maximise the opportunity of providing a new TLD and supporting it on a long term basis.


Another important difference between the .monash TLD and existing TLDs is the unique opportunity it offers to Monash University that does not currently exist in other TLDs: as sole registrant in the TLD, Monash University will have the opportunity to differentiate itself in the global education and research sectors through its own brand. It will offer Monash University greater choice of domain names and thus greater flexibility and clarity in its communications with staff, students, researchers, industry partners and the global Internet public. The existence of this opportunity enhances competition in the DNS both by providing Monash University an opportunity to register domain names in a way that is not currently offered by existing TLDs and by providing Internet users with a new location from which to source information relating to Monash University.


Eligibility to register domain names in the .monash TLD will be restricted to specifically authorised employees of Monash University in accordance with internal processes regarding domain name registration. Registrants will be required to utilise a username and password to access the registrarʹs online platform for registration of domain names in the .monash TLD. All registrations will be controlled by Monash University in accordance with the .monash Acceptable Registration and Use Policy.

Apart from restricted names lists imposed by ICANNʹs Registry Agreement, no restrictions will be imposed on which domain names may be registered in the .monash TLD other beyond the general restrictions that domain names must support the strategic objectives of Monash University and must not contravene the mission⁄purpose of the TLD. It is envisaged that domain names will most commonly take the form of faculties.monash and researchinstitute.monash, but other forms of names could also be utilised to support University marketing campaigns, policies and initiatives.

No restrictions will be placed on how many names may be registered or used in the .monash TLD. The .monash TLD will be used exclusively by Monash University and the University will determine on an ongoing basis how many registrations are needed to achieve the mission⁄purpose of the TLD. Taking into consideration its existing resource capacity, Monash University has conservatively projected that registration volume will total 100 in year one, 120 in year two and 140 in year three. Domain names will be registered for renewable periods of 1 year.

The University’s existing Web Content team will monitor domain names on an on-going basis to ensure content is current; in particular, content will be reviewed prior to domain name renewal. This will help ensure that the goals of the .monash TLD can be achieved.

By restricting eligibility to designated University employees and ensuring exclusive control over registrations in the .monash TLD, Monash University will create an online space in which users are assured that information and services offered through .monash sites legitimately originate from Monash University. In other words, these eligibility restrictions ensure that .monash is the single, authoritative online platform of Monash University.


All domain name registrations in the .monash TLD will be registered to and maintained by Monash University for its own exclusive, internal use. It considers that no measures are needed to protect the privacy or confidential information of registrants in the .monash TLD because no information of a private nature will be collected during the registration process.

Monash University will not sell, distribute or transfer control or use of any registrations in the TLD to any third party that is not an Affiliate (as defined in Article 2.9(c) of the Registry Agreement). Accordingly, Monash also considers that no measures are required to be taken for protecting the privacy or confidential information of users of domain name registrations in the .monash TLD.

Monash University policies on privacy and personal data will apply to the TLD and University staff that support it. These policies will ensure that the TLD is used in a manner consistent with the broader policy framework of Monash University.


Marketing and outreach activities in relation to the .monash TLD will be targeted at internal departments, staff and Internet users. Internally, Monash University will utilise existing communications channels such as email and websites to alert its staff, students and research partners to the existence of the .monash TLD as a new online repository of information.
The University’s external marketing activities and materials will also be updated with the objective of generating external awareness of the .monash TLD. The following types of activities will be coordinated by the University staff member appointed to the role of TLD Coordinator and implemented by Monash Universityʹs marketing department:
1. Developing appropriate awareness-generating content for dissemination through the University’s existing web sites on other TLDs.
2. Updating marketing materials and campaigns (print, media, online) by featuring and highlighting .monash domain names.

The awareness generated by the outreach and communications activities described above is critical to the achievement of the goals of the .monash TLD. Utilising existing relationships and marketing opportunities should efficiently and effectively generate awareness of Monash Universityʹs new online presence. Existing users who have come to know and trust Monash University will become aware through those established relationships of the new space in which to interact with Monash University.

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