18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.monashMonash Universitymonash.eduView


The mission⁄purpose of the .monash TLD is to establish a cohesive, clear, dedicated and immediately identifiable online identity for Monash University. Monash University is a thought leader in the education sector, in particular in the use of digital technologies. Given this, Monash University is excited to have the opportunity to extend this leadership into this new, expanded Internet environment as the Registry Operator of one of the first branded single registrant⁄single user TLDs.

Monash University’s global footprint is the broadest of any Australian university, and it prides itself on being “a university of transformation. The desire to make a difference informs everything we do. But we donʹt limit ourselves to good intentions. We put every effort into making an impact, both at a local level and internationally. We are a global university with the ability to address global problems.” [http:⁄⁄www.monash.edu.au⁄about⁄who⁄].

Monash University will use the .monash TLD to continue to engage with the world on all fronts, including research, teaching and collaborative partnerships. Monash University websites receive some of the highest volumes of traffic of any educational institute worldwide. The University currently provides an information portal for students, academics, professional staff, researchers, business partners, alumni, and other Internet users through a large and diverse domain name portfolio. The .monash TLD will allow the University to rationalize its digital communication in a single TLD that will function as a dedicated, authoritative and easily located online space for Monash University.

Monash University will request an exemption from clause 1b of the Registry Operator Code of Conduct in order to enable it to be both Registry Operator and sole registrant of the .monash TLD. Domain name registrations will be named to clearly identify the University’s various faculties, divisions, research branches, campuses, courses, etc. The primary service offered by the .monash TLD will therefore be the immediate distinction of legitimacy and authority due to the direct relationship between information found on .monash sites and Monash University. The well-known and identifiable Monash University brand is the glue that holds these things together, making Monash University and its services more visible and easily locatable on the Internet.

The .monash TLD will leverage the influential Monash University brand to enable the University to offer its teaching and research services to the world in a clearer way than is currently possible. It will bring Monash University’s online presence together into one clear channel of communication and experience. This will distinguish the University and its offerings from competitors and clearly identify the content on .monash sites as official and authorised.

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