18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.cbnThe Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.cbn.orgView

Goals for .cbn TLD – The goals of the .cbn gTLD are many. For CBN, as a major brand in the global community of Christians, the .cbn TLD goals are:
- Single destination for all authoritative CBN content and services
- Reduce our portfolio of domains with other TLDs – consolidate and simplify the representation of our brand online
- Improve search results for our CBN content, resulting in a better experience for the internet user and at the same time, lower search costs for CBN
- Expand the service CBN offers to its community of partners resulting in great partner satisfaction and higher levels of participation in fund raising activities
- Use .cbn domains in marketing and promotional campaigns in all media
- Reduce costs for marketing online with simpler more easily remembered and understood domains that improve CBN’s position on search result pages

CBN strongly believes the goals for our .cbn TLD strongly align with our organizational goals and mission.

Innovation and Contribution of .cbn – The .cbn gTLD will be a hub for CBN innovation, CBN expects to benefit in several ways:
- Provide innovative business models for services to our partners and⁄or for our partners
- Co-brand services more easily to raise funds or offer more competitive value for our services
- Improve the search relevance and, in turn, reduce marketing costs
- Increase the speed with which CBN distributes breaking news stories
- Provide more short simple and easy to remember web site addresses to reach more internet users for CBN appeals to support emergency relief operations

A key value proposition for CBN is the availability of short memorable URLs. Having availability of simple short domain names is a distant memory for the .com TLD. CBN believes there is a large benefit here: (1) simplicity and relevance for our campaigns, (2) ability to place short URLs in print and other advertising, and (3) ability of users to remember URLS to directly type into browsers on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computers, and (4) more reach for CBN audiences globally.

User Experience for .cbn TLD – The registry envisioned by CBN will enhance the user experience dramatically with the shorter web site addresses and the clarity of web site names.

Registration Policies for .cbn TLD are simple:
(1) CBN will be the sole registrant of all .cbn domains
(2) There will be one ICANN Accredited Registrar for .cbn domains

Privacy and Confidentiality for .cbn Registrations – CBN will be the sole registrant and CBN does not anticipate any personal information being stored in WHOIS or transmitted using SRS component so there is no risk of personally identifiable information (PII) being captured, transferred, or transcribed in out operations. Moreover, CBN will only connect to the registrar services provider using an interface and will not have any machine to machine connectivity between the outsourced service providers and CBNs own operations, web sites, nor other services. Should CBN choose to allow others to develop web sites using second level domains for .cbn, CBN will carefully control this activity.

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