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I. Goal
The goal of the proposed .招聘 gTLD is to make .招聘 the primary TLD of choice among businesses and organizations choosing domain names for their employment and human resources related objectives directed at the Greater China and global Chinese speaking community. Similarly, we aim to make .招聘 the most trusted and utilized domain space among Chinese speaking users worldwide searching for and receiving accurate and up to date employment and human resources related information, and ultimately, to foster and facilitate the creation of opportunities that benefit the entire global working community. We will provide a specialized Chinese IDN gTLD domain space specifically focused on serving global businesses and organizations and the global Chinese speaking market that ultimately benefits the greater public as a whole. We are committed to having the .招聘gTLD registry operate under, and conform to, the highest levels of service and quality attainable and required by ICANN, the greater Internet governance community and end users, ultimately taking a place on a level equal to the existing legacy gTLDs. We will develop comprehensive and strict registration policies and procedures to prevent malicious registration and usage techniques such as domain squatting and other methods of trademark infringement.

II. Competition, Differentiation and Innovation
We are confident that the introduction of a .招聘 gTLD into the global marketplace will be extremely positive for competition, differentiation and innovation both at the registry and registrar levels and ultimately at the consumer level. As a first of its kind Chinese IDN gTLD, .招聘will exhibit a high differentiation in the domain marketplace since there are no other comparable domain extensions available to consumers. Our commitment to innovations in registry services will provide a platform for trademark holders themselves to innovate ways to communicate their messages to end users. Furthermore, we anticipate that many internet technology companies will also develop products and services to enhance trademark holders’ use of their domain names.

III. User Experience Goals
At the .招聘 gTLD registry technology infrastructure level, we will develop and implement the highest service level and quality EPP, DNS and registry related technology to ensure the fastest and most secure resolution of the entire .招聘 gTLD domain space and all of its registered domains. By requiring all domain registrants to adhere to strict registration requirements, we will be able to deliver only the most authentic information and content to users. Registrants will benefit from our high service level and quality infrastructure enabling them to provide end users with authentic and trustworthy trademark related information through a unique IDN gTLD domain name. Both registrants and end users will benefit from our fast, secure and reliable globally distributed registry infrastructure.

IV. Strict and Enforceable Registration Policy
--Beginning of Registration Policy Description--
I. General Principles for the .招聘 gTLD
1. The Employment and Human Resources sector and the role of the .招聘 registry
The .招聘 gTLD is a Simplified Chinese language IDN generic Top Level Domain established for the use by organizations seeking to promote employment and human resources related information to the Greater China and global Chinese speaking markets. The .招聘registry will develop and operate the domain registry and manage the . 招聘domain in the interests of the above said persons and organizations. The .招聘registry will work with relevant government and industry related organizations to develop, maintain and enforce domain management policies that help promote fair, consistent and efficient registration and usage of the .招聘 gTLD.
Registration and usage of the .招聘 open to any individual or organization with interests towards employment, recruitment or human resources related industries.

2. Registrar Role and Responsibilities
All registration of .招聘domains must be processed through an ICANN Accredited Registrar and such registrar must also be accredited with the .招聘registry. A list of .招聘Accredited Registrars will be made available on the future .招聘registry website.

A .招聘Registrar will provide customer support needed to receive, accept, and process registrations from qualified entities and individuals desiring to become Registered Name Holders, and to receive, accept, and process orders for cancellation, deletion or transfer of Registered Names. Throughout the term of their registration, Registrar will provide Registered Name Holders reasonable customer service (including domain name record support) and billing and technical support. A Registered Name Holder will always contact the Sponsoring Registrar, not the .招聘Registry, regarding the registration and management of their domain name.

Registrars are the retail outlets for domain names. They are the main point of contact with Registrants (Registered Name Holder -- people or entities who buy and use domain names), and Registrars are responsible for customer service to their Registrants. Each domain name is sponsored by a Registrar. Each domain resides in the Shared Registry System (SRS) account of its Sponsoring Registrar. Registry objects, such as domain, contact and nameserver objects, are also associated with a Registrar account. Registrars are responsible for maintaining their own domain objects. Reseller, agents and Registrants generally do not access the Registry system directly. Instead, a registrar sends their requests into the Registry SRS.

Registrars are responsible for their retail or wholesale operations and their informational websites. While the .招聘Registry provides registration reports and billing statements, each Registrar is responsible for maintaining records regarding their customers and their domains under management. Registrars should therefore keep billing records related to their registrants, and should manage their domains appropriately. Domain management systems (online or offline registration systems for registrants, registrant billing and credit-card processing, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the Registrar. Registrars are responsible for all taxation matters.

3. The .招聘 Registration Policy Structure
The .招聘 gTLD registration policy will be structured to provide a framework for the registration of .招聘domain names by eligible and qualified registrants. Each registrant must abide by the policies set forth by the .招聘 registry. The .招聘 gTLD registry will define and develop specific registration policies which will ensure fairness, consistency and efficiency within the .招聘 gTLD domain space.

The .招聘 registration policy set forth below defines the rules of eligibility and .招聘 domain name registration procedures for each registrant. It also sets forth dispute resolution procedures for the .招聘 domain space.

4. The .招聘Registration Process
The actual registration of a .招聘 domain name will require the successful completion of the registration procedure:

Provided the registrant meets all of the eligibility requirements, they will have the option and ability to register a . 招聘domain name through any . 招聘accredited registrar that offers . 招聘domain registrations through the use of the . 招聘registry technology protocol provided to registrars.

II. Registration Requirements
1. Eligibility Requirements
In order to be eligible to register a .招聘 domain name, an applicant must pledge to be an individual or organization with interests towards employment, recruitment or human resources related industries.

III. Domain Naming Rules
1. Spelling Conventions and Valid Characters
.招聘 domains can contain the English-language letters A through Z, simplified Chinese characters as defined by the IETF, and the digits 0 through 9 and hyphens (LDH -- Letters, Digits, Hyphens).

Hyphens however cannot be used for the first or last character of the second level domain name. Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, &, ë, and so on) are not currently acceptable. The minimum length allowed for a second level .招聘 domain is effectively 3 characters after considering that all 2 Character and 1-Character domains are designated as reserved names based on the ICANN Reserved Names in the .招聘 Reserved Names Policy. The maximum number of LDH characters accepted for a second level domain is 63 (i.e. excluding the ʺhttp:⁄⁄wwwʺ and ʺ.招聘ʺ portions). Such a limitation is defined by the technical requirements defined by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) for the Internet DNS.

Reserved Names
The registry will reserve and restrict certain names therefore making them unavailable for general registration. However, the registry may open certain names for registration to qualified applicants, which in the opinion of the registry will use the domain name for the best benefit of the employment and human resources sectors.

Any party interested in registering any of the domain names reserved by the registry is required to submit a written proposal to the registry stating how they propose to use the name. The registry will be responsible for determining whether the applying registrant is suited towards utilizing the domain name in the best interest of the employment and human resources sector.

Country names and names of geographical areas
Country names and geographical areas cannot be registered as second level domain names, unless expressly stated in the .招聘 registry registration policy.

Provisions for future development

There may also be restrictions on registration of certain types of domain names in consideration of future development of newer addressing types.

3. Regulated Second Level Domain Registrations
Registrations are available for all non-reserved domain names that follow the “domainname.招聘” format in which the “domainname” must be verifiably identical to the registrant’s company name, a legal trade name or a name by which the company is commonly and widely known. All domain names must adhere to the spelling conventions and valid characters rules described above.

.招聘 domain names are registered on a ʺFirst come, First servedʺ basis. If a domain name is already registered or pending application, then no other registrants may register that name unless the name is unsuccessfully in its registration or expires.

IV. Domain Name Registration Rules

1. Registration Period and Renewals for .招聘
The registration and use of all .招聘 domains are based on registration periods. The initial registration period for a .招聘 domain name is one year. The right to use the .招聘 domain name can be renewed at any time during the registration term, subject to the current terms and conditions. .招聘 accredited registrars will attempt to contact the registrant prior to the expiration date based on their own terms and conditions, but the registrant is ultimately responsible to perform renewals.

2. Continuing Eligibility
If the registrant ceases to be an eligible registrant of a .招聘 domain name as defined by the registration policies of the .招聘 registry, then the registrant must cancel registration of any and all .招聘 domain names registered under the original registrant entity within 14 days of ceasing to be eligible. The .招聘 registry reserves the right to, and will occasionally, verify eligibility and if found to be ineligible, has the right to cancel a registration at any time.

3. Domain Transfers
.招聘domains may be transferred only under the following circumstances:
a) the receiving transferee meets all .招聘 registration policies; and
b) the transfer is carried out between two accredited .招聘 registrars; and
c) when all applicable fees are paid in full

4. Cancellation and Revocation of a .招聘Domain Name Registration and its usage
All registrants must agree to the terms set forth with regards to the .招聘 registry in such that the registry may cancel and revoke the registration and usage of a .招聘 domain name for any of the following reasons:
Change in Status
If the registrant ceases to be an organization with interests towards serving the global employment or human resources sectors as defined by the .招聘 registration policies.

Fee Not Paid
If any portion of the required registration fee is not paid according to the .招聘 registration policies.

Breach of Warranty
If a registrant is in breach of warranty as defined in the .招聘 registration policies and terms of service.

Inaccurate, Invalid or Misleading Information
If a registrant provides inaccurate, invalid or misleading information including incomplete or incorrect information in any portion of a domain name application.

Failure to Comply with Policy
If the Registrant fails to comply with any requirement as outlined in the .招聘 registration policy.

Court Ordered Decision
If a recognized court of law orders that a .招聘 domain registration requires its cancellation and revocation.

Improper Use
If a .招聘 domain name is used for illegal, improper or malicious purposes.

Registrant Instruction or Request
If a registrant of a .招聘 domain name directly requests or provides instructions for the cancellation of a .招聘 registration.

Registration Error
A .招聘 domain name registration and usage may be cancelled and revoked if it was registered by mistake in violation of the .招聘 registration policies.

V. Domain Contacts and WHOIS Policies
This section describes the requirements for Contact Objects associated with a Domain Object registered with the .招聘Registry, as well as policies regarding WHOIS services.

1. “Thickʺ Registry Model
.招聘is operated as a ʺthickʺ registry, in which all of the information associated with registered entities, including both technical information (information needed to produce the .招聘Zone Files) and social information (i.e. information of associated contacts), is stored within a central registry repository. The registry-registrar protocol supported by .招聘is the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).

2. Contact Information Requirements
Each domain registration must be accompanied by four (4) associated contacts, including:
1. Registrant Contact
2. Administrative Contact (Admin Contact)
3. Technical Contact (Tech Contact)
4. Billing Contact

The same person or organisation (Contact Object) can be used to be associated to all 4 contact types. Each contact type must have a minimum of one associated contact. There can only be one (1) Registrant Contact associated with each domain registration. There may be up to a maximum of 10 Admin Contacts, 10 Tech Contacts and 10 Billing Contacts associated with one domain registration.

2.1 Contact Data Requirements
Informational fields and their respective requirements for each Contact Object are described in the table below:
Contact Data Field Requirement Restrictions
Contact Name Required 1-128 Characters
Contact Organization Optional 0-128 Characters
Contact Address 1 Required 1-64 Characters
Contact Address 2 Optional 0-64 Characters
Contact Address 3 Optional 0-64 Characters
Contact City Required 1-255 Characters
Contact State Province Optional 0-255 Characters
Contact Postal Code Required 1-16 Characters
Contact Economy Country Required 2-Character Country Codes (ISO 3166)
Contact Phone Required +nnn.nnnnnnnnnnnn (E.164 Standard)
Contact Phone Extension Optional nnnnnnnn
Contact Fax Required +nnn.nnnnnnnnnnnn (E.164 Standard)
Contact Fax Extension Optional nnnnnnnn

In accordance with the WHOIS technical standards, only the following characters are accepted in the contact information fields (such as Name, Address, etc.):
a through z
A through Z
0 through 9
.,&#()-_ʹ~`!@$%^*+={ }[ ]|:;〈〉?⁄\ʺ〈⁄

More specifically, accented characters (e.g.: ö, è, Ø, Σ, etc.) or non-Latin based characters will not be allowed in registry database fields. Single and double quotes are included in the list of characters. The list is based on normalized string XML data type.
For Phone and Fax fields, as per EPP requirements, phone numbers should be formatted with a plus sign, followed by a one-to-three digit country code, followed by a dot, followed by the phone number including area code. Per “E.164” (The International Public Telecommunication Numbering Plan), the total number of digits allowed is 15, including the country code. An optional Extension field is also available for use for both phone and fax numbers.

For the Contact Country⁄Economy, the corresponding two-letter country codes, as per ISO 3166-1: http:⁄⁄www.iso.ch⁄iso⁄en⁄prods-services⁄iso3166ma⁄02iso-3166-code-lists⁄list-en1.html should be used. Please note that ISO codes do not always match IANA ccTLD country codes.

3. .招聘WHOIS Service

The .招聘Registry maintains a registry-level centralized WHOIS database that will contain information for every registered .招聘second-level domain. The WHOIS service contains data submitted by registrars during the registration process. Any changes made to the data by a registrant will be submitted to the .招聘Registry by the Sponsoring Registrar and will be reflected in the WHOIS in near real-time, thus providing all interested parties with up-to-date information for every .招聘domain.

For details see technical requirements section of application

VI. Dispute Resolution Policies
All registrants of .招聘domains, in agreeing to the .招聘 registration policies and all terms and conditions are bound by the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (ʺUDRPʺ). The UDRP applies to challenges to registered domain names on the grounds that domain name is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark in which the complainant has rights.

Full text of the UDRP is located at the following address: http:⁄⁄www.icann.org⁄dndr⁄udrp⁄policy.htm

2. Other Disputes
Pursuant to the Specification 7 of the Registry Agreement, the Applicant will comply with the following dispute resolution mechanisms as they may be revised from time to time.
--End of Registration Policy Description--

V. Privacy and Confidential Information
With regards to any other private or confidential information collected and⁄or stored within our entire registry system, we will implement both technological and procedural measures to protect the privacy and confidential information of registrants and users. All private and confidential data will be stored in secure databases using encryption and leading safeguarding technology.

Outreach and Communication
The .招聘 gTLD Registry plans to develop and execute a comprehensive outreach and communications marketing and promotion campaign that will begin well before the official launch of the gTLD and continuing on for the entirety of the gTLD’s operation. These efforts include, but are not limited to: Registry⁄Registrar outreach and business development; online marketing via publisher networks, social networks, and search engines; print advertising and marketing; tv and outdoor advertising; industry related convention sponsorships; scholastic and university outreach.

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