18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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The mission of the proposed .招聘 (“招聘” in simplified Chinese is the equivalent to the English term “Recruitment”) gTLD Registry is to provide leading gTLD registry services to individuals and global businesses and organizations seeking to promote employment and human resources related information to the Greater China and global Chinese speaking markets.

Consistent with our mission, our purpose for applying for, developing and operating a .招聘 gTLD is to become a leading gTLD registry operator that fulfills real employment needs and that solves human resources challenges for individuals, global businesses and organizations in Greater China and global Chinese speaking markets.

Identifying and attracting talent, promoting employment opportunities, and disseminating critical information to specific target audiences is a challenge for all businesses and organizations. In today’s global economy where workforces and staffing span countries, continents and cultures, it has become more and more difficult to maintain the consistency of a business or organization’s message while at the same time conforming to and catering to a specific target audience’s specific cultural, linguistic and even geographic attributes. Our case in point, and basis for our proposal and application of the .招聘 gTLD described in our mission and purpose, is that the global Chinese speaking population is increasingly important demographic group to employment and human resources related interests of businesses and organizations worldwide. In 2011, there were approximately 6.6 million mainland Chinese college graduates. Statistics reports show that 70% of all graduates find employment upon graduation therefore leaving over 2 million educated graduates in need of employment.

With such a disparate gap between the number of eligible talent and the number of available employment opportunities (this is an example of only one segment of the population), we believe that the .招聘 gTLD can make a significant difference through a gTLD registry that serves as a platform to leverage the power of domain names and the Internet to directly connect employers and those seeking work. While there are various types of employment websites, they tend to be to nothing less classified listings where the information is unclear and unspecific. With a .招聘 domain name specific to their own brand, an organization can exert much more direct control and influence over the message they want to give prospective employees and the greater human resources community, as well as engage in more direct communication with these persons.


Hu Yi Global, founded in 2001, has over 100,000 customers and is one of Hong Kong’s largest Internet Addressing and Intellectual Property Protection service providers.

Hu Yi Global provides Internet Addressing and Intellectual Property Protection services to businesses worldwide and aims to develop the best, most innovative, high productivity and convenient platform over a highly efficiency network together with an intellectual property rights protection automation system.

Hu Yi Global’s sister company, Guangdong Hu Yi Science Co. Ltd.(Guangdong Hu Yi) located in Guangzhou, China, also founded and majority owned by Mr. Xiongwei Huang, is a provider of Internet Addressing and Intellectual Property Protection services. Guangdong Hu Yi currently has over 30 subsidiaries around mainland China and over 2,000 employees including 1,800 sales persons. It is one of China’s largest Internet Addressing and Intellectual Property Protection services providers with close to 500,000 customers. Guangdong Hu Yi is CNNIC accredited for .CN domain registrations, and Chinese Domain Names. It is also accredited by KNET for Internet Keywords and Wireless Keywords. It’s primary service and product offerings include: Internet addressing resources such as domain names, Internet Keywords, Wireless Keywords, Intellectual Property Protection services such as trademark and copyright registration, and patent registration and protection. Guangdong Bangxin International Intellectual Property Co. Ltd., another subsidiary of Guangdong Hu Yi, is a specialized Intellectual Property Rights related service platform and is a member of the China Chapter of The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), the International Trademark Association (INTA), the China Trademark Association and other industry organizations.

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