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.sakuraSAKURA Internet Inc.sakura.ad.jpView

.sakura will provide the following registration data publication services:
* Whois (Port 43Whois and Web-based Whois)
* Zone file access
* Bulk data access to ICANN
As per the above services and their data items, in the event that ICANN introduces⁄specifies alternative formats or protocols, we will implement such alternative specifications as soon as possible, to the utmost extent in a reasonable manner.

26.1. Whois specifications
26.1.1. Port 43 Whois Specifications
Based on RFC3912, we will provide the Whois services available via Port 43. The services will be provided over the Port 43 whois.nic.sakura, and will be available to the entire internet users free of charge. The information to be provided will include domain names, Registrars and nameservers, and the query result will only be provided if thereʹs a complete match between the query string and a record (name) that exists in the database. We will not offer search functions such as partial and wildcard search, and the information (search result) that will be displayed is described in more detail in the answer for #26.1.3 (Provided Data Items).

26.1.2. Web-based Whois Specifications
We will provide the Web-based Whois service. The URL of the Web-based Whois service will be whois.nic.sakura, and the service will be implemented using the http protocol for the entire internet users free of charge. The information and provisions that Web-based Whois service will offer will conform to the ones that of Port 43 Whois.

26.1.3. Provided Data Items
The information (data items) that will be provided by the Port 43 Whois and the Web-based Whois services are as follows:
Domain Name Data
Query Type:Requested with a specific domain name:
Response example:
Domain ID:D1234567-SAKURA
WHOIS Server:whois.example.sakura
Referral URL:http:⁄⁄www.example.sakura
Updated Date:2009-05-29T20:13:00Z
Creation Date:2000-10-08T00:45:00Z
Registry Expiry Date:2010-10-08T00:44:59Z
Sponsoring Registrar:EXAMPLE REGISTRAR LLC
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID:5555555
Domain Status:clientDeleteProhibited
Domain Status:clientRenewProhibited
Registrant ID:5372808-ERL
Registrant Organization:EXAMPLE ORGANIZATION
Registrant Street 1:123 EXAMPLE STREET
Registrant Street 2:
Registrant Street 3:
Registrant City:ANYTOWN
Registrant State⁄Province:AP
Registrant Postal Code:A1A1A1
Registrant Country:EX
Registrant Phone:+1.5555551212
Registrant Phone Ext:1234
Registrant Fax:+1.5555551213
Registrant Fax Ext:4321
Registrant Email:email@example.sakura
Admin ID:5372809-ERL
Admin Street 1:123 EXAMPLE STREET
Admin Street 2:
Admin Street 3:
Admin City:ANYTOWN
Admin State⁄Province:AP
Admin Postal Code:A1A1A1
Admin Country:EX
Admin Phone:+1.5555551212
Admin Phone Ext:1234
Admin Fax:+1.5555551213
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:email@example.sakura
Tech ID:5372811-ERL
Tech Street 1:123 EXAMPLE STREET
Tech Street 2:
Tech Street 3:
Tech State⁄Province:AP
Tech Postal Code:A1A1A1
Tech Country:EX
Tech Phone:+1.1235551234
Tech Phone Ext:1234
Tech Fax:+1.5555551213
Tech Fax Ext:93
Tech Email:email@example.sakura
〉〉〉 Last update of WHOIS database:2009-05-29T20:15:00Z 〈〈〈
Registrar Data
Query Type:Requested with the keyword, ʺregistrar,ʺ followed by a specific registrar name:
registrar ʺExample Registrar Inc.ʺ
Response example:
Registrar Name:Example Registrar, Inc.
Street 1:Example-heights #302
Street 2:1234 Admiralty Way
Street 3:
City:Marina del Rey
Postal Code:90292
Phone Number:+1.3105551212
Fax Number:+1.3105551213
WHOIS Server:whois.example-registrar.sakura
Referral URL:http:⁄⁄www.example-registrar.sakura
Admin Contact:Joe Registrar
Phone Number:+1.3105551213
Fax Number:+1.3105551213
Admin Contact:Jane Registrar
Phone Number:+1.3105551214
Fax Number:+1.3105551213
Technical Contact:John Geek
Phone Number:+1.3105551215
Fax Number:+1.3105551216
〉〉〉 Last update of WHOIS database:2009-05-29T20:15:00Z 〈〈〈
Nameserver Data
Query Type:Requested with a specific nameserver, or the keyword, ʺnameserver,ʺ followed by an IP address of that specific nameserver.
nameserver (IP Address)
Response example:
IP Address:
IP Address:2001:0DB8::1
Registrar:Example Registrar, Inc.
WHOIS Server:whois.example-registrar.sakura
Referral URL:http:⁄⁄www.example-registrar.sakura
〉〉〉 Last update of WHOIS database:2009-05-29T20:15:00Z 〈〈〈

26.1.4. Search Functions
No search function will be provided.

26.1.5. SLA
In our Service Level Agreement (SLA), the Whois service will be defined as shown below:
Whois Service Availability = 98% (monthly)
The service availability for Whois refers to the condition where internet users can access and use the Whois service. The committed service availability by .sakura for Whois is 98% per calendar month.
Whois Planned Outage = will not be implemented
.sakura will not implement Planned Outages for Whois.
Whois Extended Planned Outage = will not be implemented
.sakura will not implement Extended Planned Outages for Whois.
Whois Processing Time = 100 milliseconds for 95%
The performance specification will be 100 milliseconds for 95% of the queries processed. This means that 95% of the queries will take 100 milliseconds or less to respond, from the time the service receives the query to the time the service provides a response.
Whois Update Frequency = 60 minutes for 95%
The committed performance specification with regards to the frequency of updates for Whois is 60 minutes for 95% of the transactions during a monthly timeframe. This means that 95% of the updates to the Whois database during a monthly timeframe will be completed within 60 minutes.
Whois RTT = 2,000 milliseconds for 95%
We define the RTT for Whois by assuming that the round-trip takes 120 milliseconds for trans-Pacific communications, 100 milliseconds for trans-American communications, 120 milliseconds for trans-Atlantic communications, 120 milliseconds between EU and South Africa, and 460 milliseconds for the communications with South Africa, one of the most distant locations from Japan.
Since the processing time is defined as 100 milliseconds for 95%, we believe the time frame of 560 milliseconds including communication time will be sufficient for returning a response. However, considering the packet loss, delay, and other possible events beyond our control, we define the SLA as 2,000 milliseconds for 95%.

26.2. Specifications for Zone File Access Provision
26.2.1. Zone File Access
The .sakura Registry Operator will provide the Zone File FTP service for ICANN-specified and managed URL (sakura.zda.icann.org) to enable the user to access .sakuraʹs zone data archives.
The .sakura Registry Operator will grant to the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and limited right to access .sakura Registry Operator ʹs zone file FTP server, and to transfer a copy of the top-level domain zone files and any associated cryptographic checksum files, no more than once per 24 hour period using FTP.
The zone files called ʺsakura.zone.gzʺ will be in the top-level directory of zone file access server, with the files to verify downloads ( sakura.zone.gz.md5 and sakura.zone.gz.sig).
The zone files will be provided to the users who have concluded the agreement through the Centralized Zone Data Access Provider (the ʺCZDA Providerʺ). The agreement has a term of three months or more, and this term can be renewed. The users can access the zone file at no cost. The .sakura Registry Operator will co-operate and provide reasonable assistance to ICANN and the CZDA Provider to facilitate and maintain the efficient access to zone file data by the permitted users.

26.2.2. File Format Standard
The .sakura Registry will provide zone files using a sub format of the standard Master File format as originally defined in Section 5 of RFC 1035, including all the records present in the actual zone used in the public DNS. The zone files will be generated in accordance with new gTLD agreement specifications.
Zone File Example:
* 〈tab〉 means tab character

26.2.3. For ICANN Access
The .sakura will provide bulk access to the .sakura zone files to ICANN or its designee on a continuous basis (ICANN may change⁄specify the designee occasionally in a reasonable manner).

26.2.4. For Emergency Operator Access
The .sakura will provide bulk access to the .sakura zone files to the Emergency Operators designated by ICANN on a continuous basis (ICANN may change⁄specify the Emergency Operator occasionally in a reasonable manner).

26.3. Specifications to provide the bulk data access to ICANN
26.3.1. Periodic Access
The Registry Operator will provide ICANN with the most up-to-date registration data, on the date ICANN designates every week. The data to be provided will include the data committed as of 00:00:00 UTC on the day previous to the one designated for retrieval by ICANN. Although, SFTP will be used for downloading, if ICANN requests for other means for downloading in the future, then we will use a compatible means.
26.3.2. Exceptional Access
At the request of ICANN, .sakura will provide ICANN with the most up-to-date data for the domain names of the Registrar that will be losing their accreditation. The data file will only contain data related to the domain names of the Registrar losing accreditation. We will prepare the data within 2 business days after the request.

26.3.3. Data Specifications
The provided bulk data shall be ʺthickʺ data in full deposit for both the periodic access and the exceptional access, and include sufficient information as the material to restart the registry activities. The data will be made available in the same format as the one adopted in the Data Escrow service, i.e., up-to-date version of Internet-Draft [draft-arias-noguchi-registry-data-escrow] and [draft-arias-noguchi-dnrd-objects-mapping]. We will implement this Internet-Draft within 180 days of it becoming an RFC.
The Internet-Draft can be found in the flowing URL:

26.4. Whois System Description
26.4.1. System Configuration Diagram

Figure_26-1_Whois System Configuration Diagram.pdf

26.4.2. Servers
In the Whois (Port 43 Whois and Web-based Whois) system configuration, the services will normally be provided by the Primary site, and in the event of a major disaster and the Primary site becomes unavailable, we will prepare servers on a hot-standby mode in the Secondary site.
The Whois database will synchronize with the SRS database in 60-minute intervals. To prepare for failure on the Whois database, we will configure the application servers to refer directly to the SRS Database in such event. The same configuration will be implemented to the Secondary Site, thus in the event of a site switchover, the service interface will be provided immediately.
The data access functions (Zone data files and Bulk data files) will be provided upon account certification by the SFTP Servers and FTP Servers.

26.4.3. Interconnectivity with Other Registry Systems
The Whois database will be an independent database synchronized with the SRS database at 60-munite intervals, and therefore it will be able to operate without being influenced by the SRS database load. The data registered or updated in the SRS database will be reflected on the Whois database within 60 minutes or so.

26.5. Technical Resources
26.5.1. Implementations and Operations Experiences as Registry
The Registry Operator for .sakura, as a Registry, has operational experiences in supporting the Whois service consist of more than 1.25 million domain names. Also, as a responsibility of ccTLD Registry using a unique language, it has been contributing to the IDN standardization. The Registry Operator will provide the Port 43 Whois interface capable of switching the languages between English and Japanese for the response, and will provide the Web-based Whois interface which enables entering and displaying of both IDN and Punycode.

26.5.2. Implementations and Operations Experiences as Registrar
The Registry Operator for .sakura, as an ICANN-accredited Registrar, has experiences in providing the Whois services, and it has the technical resources to stably provide the Whois service for .sakura.

26.6. Resource Planning
26.6.1. Initial implementation
The resources required for the implementation of network servers are described in the answer for (a-1) of #31.5.1 (Initial Implementation).
In terms of the Whois (Port 43 and Web-based) software development, the resources required are explained in the answer for (b-2) of #31.5.1 (Initial Implementation).
As per the resources required for the implementation of the Whois databases and the synchronizations, we have answered in (c-1) of #31.5.1 (Initial Implementation).

26.6.2. Ongoing Maintenance
The resources required for the Whois (Port 43 and Web-based) software, in terms of ongoing maintenance, are described in the answer for (d-2) of #31.5.2 (Ongoing Maintenance).
As per the resources required for the ongoing maintenance of the Whois databases and the synchronizations, we have answered in (e-1) of #31.5.2 (Ongoing Maintenance).

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