22 Describe proposed measures for protection of geographic names at the second and other levels in the applied-for gTLD

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Although BIP plans to issue no more than a limited number of second-level domain name registrations in the 〈.bloomberg〉 domain, it remains mindful of the issues highlighted by ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (the “GAC”) and in Specification 5 to the Registry Agreement in issuing these domains. BIP thus shall reserve (i.e., not register, delegate, use or otherwise make available to a third party) domain names:

i) Comprising “EXAMPLE” at the second level or any other level at which BIP makes registrations available;

ii) Comprising a two-letter domain names;

iii) Including hyphens;

iv) Comprising “NIC,” “WWW,” “IRIS” and “WHOIS” (except that BIP may use these domain names while it operates 〈.bloomberg〉;

v) Comprising a country or territory names on the following lists (which shall be initially reserved at the second level and all other levels at which BIP provides registrations, absent BIP’s agreement to the contrary with the applicable government):

a) The short form (in English) of all country and territory names on the ISO 3166-1 list, as updated from time to time, including the European Union, which is exceptionally reserved on the ISO 3166-1 list, and its scope extended in August 1999 to any application needing to represent the name “European Union”;

b) The United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names, Technical Reference Manual for the Standardization of Geographical Names, Part III Name of Countries of the World; or

c) The list of United Nations member states in the 6 official United Nations languages prepared by the Working Group on Country Names of the United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names.

In addition, adopting the definition of “geographical name” set forth in the ICANN gTLD Applicant Guidebook (version 2012-01-11), “a name by which a country is commonly known, as demonstrated by evidence that the country is recognized by that name by an intergovernmental or treaty organization,” BIP will reject any application for second-level domain including a geographical name that is opposed by the legitimate representative of a country known by that geographical name.

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