18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.bloombergBloomberg IP Holdings LLCbloomberg.netView

Bloomberg Philanthropies is devoted to public service around the world, at times advocating positions counter to commercial interests, such as those of tobacco companies and owners of outmoded means of generating energy. We believe it is in the best interest of all people that Bloomberg Philanthropies be able to ensure that its message gets out, without confusion caused by others who might object to this message. To the extent BIP registers domain names for Bloomberg, this will benefit consumers by reducing the likelihood of confusion caused by those who seek to trade upon Bloomberg’s reputation. The Internet and its users in general may also benefit from Bloomberg’s efforts to discover innovative ways to make use of the new gTLD.

i) Goal of gTLD? BIP will confine initial use of the gTLD to the charitable purposes of Bloomberg Philanthropies and may expand this use to the services of Bloomberg. The reputation of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg will be paramount in any such use, consistent with the substantial efforts of these organizations since their formation. It will clearly be in BIP’s interest to ensure the highest level of service to these related entities.

ii) What will gTLD add? The gTLD will assure that Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg can differentiate their services and invest their resources in seeking innovate ways to use the gTLD. This differentiation will promote honest competition with entities offering similar services. The gTLD should also add a layer of security to the internet, as it will be harder for malicious entities to deceive would-be customers or content users when such content and services are provided via the specific and safe .bloomberg gTLD.

iii) Goals for user experience? BIP seeks to give users greater comfort than they have at present that, when they visit a site that appears to be run by Bloomberg Philanthropies or Bloomberg, that site is genuine and reliable. This will save users time and make their internet experience more productive and enjoyable. This will also tie in to the greater protections from malicious behavior mentioned above.

iv) Description of registration policies. BIP will initially register .bloomberg domain names for Bloomberg Philanthropies for the use of, or in connection with, charitable campaigns and advocacy on public issues. In the future, BIP may also register domain names for other Bloomberg entities for commercial use. In operating the .bloomberg gTLD, BIP will follow the policies and procedures required by the Registry Agreement. Registration of domain names in the .bloomberg gTLD will not be open to the public or non-Bloomberg affiliated companies.

v) Measures for protecting privacy⁄ confidential information of users? BIP will adopt a privacy policy providing that it will: (A) only collect personal data from users that is directly required for the registration process; (B) notify users as to how their personal data will be collected and used; (C) give users the choice to opt out of providing personal data; (D) permit the transfer of users’ personal data to third parties only as needed; (E) mandate reasonable efforts to prevent the loss or unauthorized disclosure of personal data; and (F) allow users to review and access their personal data.

vi) Will outreach and communications help achieve these goals? BIP will issue domains only to Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg and will have direct access to these organizations, making registrant outreach unnecessary. Bloomberg will utilize all its existing communication channels to ensure that awareness of the new .bloomberg gTLD among consumers and interested parties is spread quickly and effectively.

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