18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.groupTucows TLDs Inc.tucows.comView

.GROUP will protect third-party rights and prevent abusive uses of a .GROUP domain name. We intend to achieve this goal by making our Naming Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, and other policies readily understandable and easily accessible, and by making sure that our mechanisms for enforcing rights and preventing abuse (such as our Complaint Resolution Service) operate effectively, efficiently, and fairly, as well as by ensuring that they work in concert with other ICANN-mandated rights protection mechanisms such as the UDRP.

We have crafted a draft framework for registration of .GROUP domains that fully support the goals, mission and purposes set forth above. Our draft registration framework is based on advice from ICANN, WIPO, applicable laws, and a variety of other expert sources.

We are also able to draw on our vast experience in operating a significant portion of the existing domain name system. We are acknowledged by most as the industry leader in registrant-friendly policies and processes.

Specifically, the .GROUP draft framework includes these interrelated agreements setting forth our policies and regulations, all of which registrants must agree to be bound by: - The Registrant Agreement, which registrars contracted with .GROUP must present to registrants. This is a collateral agreement to the Registrar Registry Agreement (detailed below), and will bind registrants to .GROUPʹs Acceptable Use Policy (as detailed below), .GROUP’s Privacy & Whois Policy (detailed below), ICANN-mandated rights protection mechanisms (including the Universal Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”), and the Complaint Resolution Service; - The Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”), which details the proper use of domain names that end in .GROUP, which is incorporated by reference in the Registrant Agreement that registrants must agree to; - The Privacy and Whois Policy, which describes how a registrant’s personal data is to be used, which is also incorporated by reference in the Registrant Agreement; - The Registrar-Registry Agreement, which is the contract between .GROUP and its ICANN-accredited registrars which sets forth, inter alia, the duties and obligations of the registrar with respect to .GROUP registrants and the .GROUP registry; and - The Naming Policy, which sets out .GROUP’s policies governing prohibited, blocked or reserved domain names. These agreements and policies are designed to ensure transparent and non-discriminatory policies for the registration of .GROUP names; fair and competitive pricing; protection of personal data and privacy; adherence by registrars and registrants to the AUP; protection of trademarks, the names of natural and juristic persons and other property rights; prevention of the registration of illegal terms; and the prevention of violations of the law. Moreover, our policies promote competition among registrars, combat abuse of the DNS, address cybercrime, protect intellectual property rights, and align the .GROUP top-level domain with applicable regulatory and legislative environments and Internet registry best practices. These policies will effectively support the key mission, purposes and goals of the .GROUP top-level domain, which is to allow registrants who want to associate themselves with .GROUP while at the same time protecting third-party rights and preventing abuse.

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