18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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Dot-Sale LLC
Question 18A

Dot-Sale (.Sale) is a new top-level domain that will create marketing value for businesses online. We envision that many will use .Sale to sell both new and existing products and services, as well as specifically discounted goods and services. However, our overarching mission is to help existing companies—from major brands to small businesses—find new and innovative ways to build their brands.

.Sale, along with many other new gTLDs, will give businesses another means by which to communicate and differentiate their marketing programs. The immediate and primary use is likely for retail. In this case, .Sale offers a clear message: a web address or link that directs users to discounted offers. In this regard, Dot-Sale LLC intends to engage with existing marketing and technology providers and with potential registrants to build out meaningful and coherent platforms on .Sale.

Other users may include entrepreneurs and technology developers, who may find additional uses for second-level service-based websites. Our analysis of the term demonstrates that many second-level names could promote innovation in a number of ways. These areas may include, but are not limited to discounts, marketing, data and search, retail, real estate, software, transactions and social utilities.

Dot-Sale LLC’s goal will primarily be to support others in the creation of new services. With a team consisting of personnel that have participated in and researched the New gTLD Program for a number of years, we understand the need for quality registry operators, who maintain a priority of supporting the needs and interests of ICANN, governments around the world, existing brands and service providers.

Therefore, our objective is to create real value for businesses, while maintaining an ethos of collaboration in the appropriate business and social sectors. As we have for years, we intend to participate in forums, conferences and public discussions in a variety of fields, both online and in person to continue to develop the top-level domain space in a supportive and appropriate manner. Whether it be at ICANN conferences, South by Southwest, meetings of European Parliament or the like, we have been there and we will continue to learn, listen and take action in order to contribute to the New gTLD Program’s success.

Our team already spans three continents and brings a variety of diverse and unique skill sets. Other executives, personnel and partnerships will be pursued on an ongoing basis to meet our developmental needs. However, Dot-Sale LLC has already put together the capital, core team and partnerships to meet the needs of the application process and preparation for launch.

Dot-Sale LLC’s core team is listed below. Additional information on our partners, consultants and service providers can be found in Question 18B.

In the spirit of innovation and collaboration, we present .Sale as a new top-level domain.


Edward A. White is the CEO of Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. White is priorly a co-founder of TLD Assets LLC (TLDA) and has participated in the domain industry for three years. Before joining TLDA, Mr. White has engaged in a range of professional experiences spanning media, technology, finance and energy. Mr. White is a graduate in Political Science from Yale University, where he also was an active participant in the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute. His research and development efforts have led to a thorough understanding of the political, economic and social ramifications of the New gTLD Program. Mr. White currently resides in New York City.

Rick Dees is a Senior Marketing Consultant for Dot-Sale LLC. With over 30 years in media, including a range of experiences in radio, television, film and online, Mr. Dees brings outstanding expertise to the team. The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 is broadcast to over 70 million people in 125 countries each week. Mr. Dees has also made numerous television and motion picture appearances, and has developed a number of ventures across many industries, including Internet media. Further information about Mr. Dees can be found on his innovative website at www.rick.com.

John Toland is the COO of Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. Toland has developed and supported businesses in real estate and technology for over 20 years. His efforts include the provision of housing and support services to statutory agencies, property development, web development, media production and research. He supports approximately 50 staff across these businesses. Mr. Toland has conducted research and development on new gTLDs for over 5 years and is priorly the co-founder of TLD Assets LLC.

Junseong Hwang is a Director for Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. Hwang has a diverse and accomplished background in engineering, technology and business management. He has started a number of successful companies in technology industries and most recently founded Claire Corporation, which produces environmentally friendly mobile energy solutions.

Tom Shannon is a Senior Advisor for Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. Shannon has an extensive and accomplished career in real estate development, retail and franchising. He has successfully developed and run the Outback Steakhouse franchise in California for 18 years and has received numerous awards including the Horatio Alger Award in 2009. Mr. Shannon is also a baseball and football Hall of Fame inductee at the University of Florida.

Edward L. White is the CFO of Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. White is the founding and Senior Partner of Edward White & Co., LLP, Certified Public Accountants. He is a CPA in the state of California, member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants, has a Certification in Financial Forensics and a MBA from the University of Southern California. Edward White & Co., LLP has practiced in the Los Angeles area since 1976, and provides a full range of services to a multinational client base.

Shane Naughton is the CTO of Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. Naughton is a seasoned technology entrepreneur based in New York City. He has founded a number of technology companies over the past decade, and advises various technology start-up initiatives. Most notably, Shane co-founded and became CTO of TaxStream LLC in 2000. The company rapidly grew to become the #1 software provider in the space, and in 2008, Shane and his partners sold TaxStream to Thomson Reuters.

Keith Charlton is a Senior Marketing Advisor for Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. Charlton and his wife Louise Corken own and run Bunk Campers, an innovative and internationally recognized tourism business. Louise is an award-winning Marketing Director and has served in product development for prominent companies including Rank Hovis McDougal, Sainsbury’s and Safeway. Keith has over 15 years experience in the FMCG sector, serving in senior sales, marketing and management consulting roles for companies including Gillette and PepsiCo.

Jack Deal is the Director of Development for Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. Deal has a diverse professional background consisting of various senior level roles in financial services and marketing operations. Mr. Deal currently resides in Tampa, Florida,where he is the Marketing and Economic Feasibility Analyst for both T-Bird Restaurant Group and the Shannon Family Investment Group.

Paul Drumm is a Senior Financial Advisor for Dot-Sale LLC. Mr. Drumm is a Trader and Portfolio Manager for the Fundamental Market Neutral Equity Fund specializing in the US Financial, Business Services and Property sectors at UBS O’Connor LLC in Chicago. He has worked in finance for over 15 years in various roles, primarily with UBS and Morgan Stanley, where he also served as Head of Media Trading. Mr. Drumm is a native of New York with a B.A. in Economics from Union College.

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