18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.детиThe Foundation for Network Initiatives “The Smart Internet”tcinet.ruView

The applied-for IDN gTLD .ДЕТИ aims at enhancement of the quality of usage of the Internet by sustainable trusted Internet environment for children and teenagers, which will integrate high-quality amusing and educational content backed by sound administrative procedures and solid technical levers that ensure the target audience’s convenient and friendly navigation through the always fascinating, and occasionally spectacular, Internet.

.ДЕТИ is an instrument to reach out to kids, teens, parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians, etc. by creating a platform to share ideas and experiences, create, engage in and interact under the rainbow of projects and activities which encompass both the people in the local community and informal and formal organizations operating for the benefit of kids and teens on the regional and national levels.

.ДЕТИ thus focuses on the following target audiences:
- Children and teenagers;
- Their parents and educators, and academia;
- Public and government organizations focusing on education, development and social adaptation of children and teenagers;
- Businesses which produce goods and services for children and teenagers.

The Applicant considers .ДЕТИ to be largely a social and non-for-profit project, albeit businesses are quite welcome to deliver a constructive contribution thereto.
As a platform for the dialogue, interaction and creative engagement of all their stakeholders concerned, .ДЕТИ encourages development of children-friendly content in tandem with shielding kids from negative and dangerous one.

For parents and educators .ДЕТИ provides an extensive and inexhaustible pool of information, data and best practices, ranging from academic research to expert advice to even practical nursery experiences.

For public associations and profile governmental organizations .ДЕТИ grants access to a broad, diverse audience and an efficient way for interaction, mobilization and engagement of the civil society in various kinds of activities associated with kids and teens.

For businesses .ДЕТИ provides a nonpareil opportunity to most effectively reach out to, and market their products and services among, huge target audiences and in so doing, to establish their presence and promote their brands and values with a very broad circle of consumers.

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