15(b) Describe the process used for development of the IDN tables submitted, including consultations and sources used

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.детиThe Foundation for Network Initiatives “The Smart Internet”tcinet.ruView

The IDN table for IDN gTLD .ДЕТИ is identical to the one used for IDN ccTLD .РФ.

Second level domain names in .РФ registered with the use of the above IDN table have been up and running for more than a year. So, the IDN table designed and submitted in .РФ complies with the DNS security and stability requirements. That formed the reason to use it for implementation in new IDN gTLD .ДЕТИ.

Second level domains in IDN TLD .ДЕТИ shall be registered exclusively with the use of the characters of the Russian alphabet, with no other alphabets permitted. To this end, the Applicant submits the same IDN tables for the Russian version of the Cyrillic script for both top and second level registrations.

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