18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.globoGlobo Comunicação e Participações S.Aregistro.brView

Our name translates what we are, a communication organization with global coverage which believes in culture, entertainment and journalism as a group of activities that produces a first source of knowledge about facts and people, whether simple or complex, turning the news into a form of capturing the reality.
Globo is also one of the worldʹs biggest media conglomerates which has the trust of millions of people whose consume information generated in Globoʹs communication channels platform.
Our TV shows are composed by 90% of our own contents and we cover 98,44% of the Brazilian territory. We also have the world record of soap operas production with 2.500 hours a year.
In addition to the TV channel, our strongest communication channel, the group is composed by producing movies and miniseries (Globo Filmes), record company (Som Livre), internet and content provider (Globo.com), brand licensing (Globo Marcas), radio broadcasting (Sistema Globo de Rádio) and publishing house (Editora Globo).
Working in various communication segments and with the national and international influence of our group, nothing more natural than have our own generic top level domain that will consolidate our image as one of the world’s most important media groups.
We also have the objective to aggregate innovation to our brand and bring trust to all contents produced by Globo. We are Globo and now we want the world to get to know our new house on the internet.

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