29 Rights Protection Mechanisms

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.scbThe Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited (ʺSCBʺ)scb.co.thView

Domain names under .scb will be registered through SCB’s technical staff under SCB ownership. SCB will be the registrant and all contacts of the domain names and will take full controls of the domain names under .scb TLD. During the registration process, technical staff will check and verify that registrant and other contacts are SCB. Only those two assigned and authorized IT staff can process the domain name registration through a secured channel provided by the contracted registrar.

Each domain name and website of each domain name will be under a supervision of the IT Team. The team will routinely check the usage of each domain name and make sure that there is no phishing or pharming nor abused activities under the registered domain name. Management team will evaluate the usage of each domain name (website) from time to time, at least once a year, to decide whether the website and domain name will be continued. If any evidences of abusive occurs, the IT team can suspend the website or domain name usage immediately.

The following rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) will be implemented to minimize abusive registrations and other activities that affect the legal rights of others.

Resourcing Plan:
To implement RPMs, SCB will designate the existing two key staffs to handle administration and verification processes as well as all sorts of complaints. In addition, SCB also provides lawyers, who are experienced in many areas of the Intellectual Property laws, to take appropriate actions as responses to complaints, as well as to ensure that the registrations of domains under .scb correspond to the UDRP specification.

Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs)

UDRP compliance :
SCB agreed to allied with the ICANN existing Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) to maintain the Rights Protection under .scb.

UDRP Attorney:
In case of any dispute occurred, complainer must use the ICANN designated agency of the UDRP to execute the UDRP procedures.

- Authorization
The objective of .scb is to be used only for internal organizations. Domains under .scb will be used for the SCB’s reputations activities. Any domain name that needed to be registered under .scb will be approved by .scb TLD Project Manager, who has a well-understanding of the registration process as well as the UDRP conditions. This can initially guarantee that domains under .scb will not be used for the bad faith of any other identities or will not be using for other business trademarks that may cause confusions.

- Trademark Claim
In addition to the authorization requirements that domains under .scb need to align, SCB also has the right protection mechanisms for any trademarks during the sunrise period. These mechanisms will be explained in more details later in this document.

- Geographic Name
To ensure that country names will not be used under .scb, the SCB registration system maintains a reserve list of all country names. When a registration is applied, the system will check the nominated domain name against this country name list. Only domain names with non-country names can pass this validation process. All the country names will be put into the permanent reserve list. This is to ensure that non of any country name will be used under .scb.

Channel of Complaint :
SCB provides a Dispute Resolution contact point, dispute@scb, to receive complaints from any complainer(s). When a complaint is received, SCB staffs will take care of it by following the procedures specified in the UDRP.

Sunrise Period:
To enhance effectiveness of Right Protection Mechanisms (RPMs), , SCB planned to have a sunrise period of approximately 2 months before the opening of .scb. During the sunrise period, the country name reserved list mechanism mentioned earlier will be developed, as well as the “Trademark Name Protection” mechanisms (described below) will be executed.

Trademark Name Protection:
To protect trademarks from being violated by .scb, SCB will announce publicly to trademark owners to register their trademarks to SCB. An online name submission system will be provided for trademark owners to register their names. SCB requires trademark owners to submit all relevant evidences to prove their rights within the sunrise period. All those names that pass this verification process will be added to the trademark reserve list. Again, when a registration is requested, SCB system will check the requested name against this trademark reserve list to avoid trademark violations.

Right protection through the Registry Operator and the Registrar:
Although the Registry Operator and the Registrar must agree to register any .scb names by the order of SCB, they also need to accept the requirements under the Registry Operator Agreement ⁄ Registrar Agreement to comply with this RPMs to ensure the protection will be highly performed.

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