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.scbThe Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited (ʺSCBʺ)scb.co.thView

WHOIS is a TCP-based transaction-oriented query⁄response protocol as defined in
RFC 3912. A WHOIS server listens on TCP port 43 for requests from WHOIS clients.
The WHOIS client makes a text request to the WHOIS server, then the WHOIS server
replies with text content. The Registry Operator will operate a WHOIS service
available via port 43 in accordance with RFC 3912 and a web-based Directory Service
at 〈whois.nic.TLD〉 providing free public query-based access to at least the
elements in the format defined in Specification 4 of the ICANN’s Registry Agreement.
ICANN reserves the right to specify alternative formats and protocols, and upon such
specification, the Registry Operator will implement such alternative specification as
soon as reasonably practicable.

WHOIS Server
WHOIS server will be placed on different location from the EPP server and
Primary Database server for redundancy. This site will be used to host WHOIS
server and Bulk WHOIS server. The server compliant with ICANN’s Registry
Performance requirement documented in specification 10, Registry
Performance Specifications, i.e. downtime ≤ 864 min⁄month with Round-Trip
Time or RTT ≤ 2000ms and update time ≤ 60 min.

The Whois server is connected to a local datacenter database server via local
gigabit Ethernet on unrouteable private network. The database will be
replicated from the primary site with Mysql Semisynchronous replication in
near-real time. The primary site will act as the backup Whois operation in
case of non-availability at the secondary site. All backup are warm standby
servers, ready to load, configure and operate within an hour. The Whois
server in a virtual machine will be cloned to the backup site on monthly basis
or after an upgrade or change in software configuration. The Whois and
backup datacenter are interconnected via redundant Virtual Private Network
(VPN) links. The servers state synchronization between primary and backup
servers are asynchronous, cold standby, state are synchronized using

Picture 26-1 WHOIS and Bulk WHOIS access server interconnectivity (file name

Bulk Registration Data Access to ICANN
Registry operator will provide ICANN on a weekly basis (the day to be
designated by ICANN) with up-to-date Registration Data as specified below.
Data will include data committed as of 00:00:00 UTC on the day previous to
the one designated for retrieval by ICANN. Registry Operator will provide, at
least, the following data for all registered domain names: domain name,
domain name repository object id (roid), registrar id (IANA ID), statuses, last
updated date, creation date, expiration date, and name server names. For
sponsoring registrars, at least, it will provide: registrar name, registrar
repository object id (roid), hostname of registrar Whois server, and URL of
registrar. The data will be provided in the format specified in Specification 2
for Data Escrow (including encryption, signing, etc.) but including only the
fields mentioned in the previous section, i.e., the file will only contain Domain
and Registrar objects with the fields mentioned above. Registry Operator will
have the file(s) ready for download as of 00:00:00 UTC on the day designated
for retrieval by ICANN. The file(s) will be made available for download by
SFTP, though ICANN may request other means in the future. Exceptional
Access to Thick Registration Data, In case of a registrar failure,
deaccreditation, court order, etc. that prompts the temporary or definitive
transfer of its domain names to another registrar, at the request of ICANN,
Registry Operator will provide ICANN with up-to-date data for the domain
names of the losing registrar. The data will be provided in the format
specified in Specification 2 for Data Escrow. The file will only contain data
related to the domain names of the losing registrar. Registry Operator will
provide the data within 2 business days. Unless otherwise agreed by Registry
Operator and ICANN, the file will be made available for download by ICANN in
the same manner as the data specified in Section 3.1 of Specification 4 for
Registration Data Publication Services.

Resourcing plan
Resourcing plan is based on the size of 1,000 or less domain names under .SCB
within the first three years of the delegation and is calculated from the cost offered
by the prospected registry operator, Thai Name Server Company.

Refer to resourcing plan described in the response to Question 24, during the initial
implementation phase, four system engineers of ThailNameServer will responsible
for registry system setup, customization and implementation for .scb, including the
WHOIS implement. Two system administrators and three technicians will responsible
for the on-going operation and maintenance of the registry system. Roles of the
system administrators include WHOIS operational & maintenance and roles of the
technicians include
- 24x7 system and database monitoring; and
- 24x7 technical support point of contact for registrars, outsourced DNS service provider, SCB and ICANN.

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