18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.scbThe Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited (ʺSCBʺ)scb.co.thView

The domain name registration under .scb TLD will be done exclusively by Siam Commercial Bank PCL for the purposes of promoting and selling its innovative technology-based financial products for SCB and its subsidiaries. In other words, Siam Commercial Bank PCL will be both the registry and the sole registrant of the .scb TLD. The sub-domains under .scb will be either SCB’s subsidiaries’ websites or SCB’s innovative financial products.

All registrations under the .scb TLD will be made for a one-year term with annual evaluation by management whether they are suitable to be continued. The domain names under the .scb TLD will not be sold (the registration fees will not be charged). All the occurred cost is considered as an internal cost and will be covered by .scb TLD operating budget.

With the aforementioned very tight and close control of domain registration per our .brand TLD purpose, we strongly believe the impact to society and consumers will be well minimized.

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