18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.scbThe Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited (ʺSCBʺ)scb.co.thView

There are two main beneficiaries of the .scb:

1. The organization (SCB): The .scb will allow SCB to consolidate its diverse existing online presences. It will merge more than 30 websites of the SCB Group of Companies into a unified and consistent online platform. This will assist in building SCB brand awareness, brand loyalty and trust. Since the .scb is easier to find and remember than existing SCB domain names, SCB will have increased traffic which leads to opportunity for innovative product and service improvement. On the other hand, the .scb will eliminate miss-traffic due to typosquatting and misspellings. All registrations in the .scb TLD will be made and their use controlled by SCB, thus preventing abuse and in particular offering high protection to SCB’s value trademarks and reputation. The .scb will also help SCB protect its customers against illegitimate products and services by providing a space that guarantees the legitimacy of products and information accessed through the .scb TLD. After the first period of strengthening SCB name in the internet world, we plan to provide the sophisticated services to our customers and hence these services will benefit both ourselves (SCB) and all of our customers.

2. The clients (Internet Users): The greatest benefit of the .scb TLD to both internet users seeking SCB products & services information and the existing online customers will be the increase in trust and confidence about the legitimacy of products & services and information accessed through .scb site and the security of SCB online banking service. The direct and exclusive connection between .scb and SCB company will be the foundation of this trust and confidence. Moreover, the naming convention that will be employed in the .scb TLD for example product name .scb, customer segment .scb will enable online customers to find the products, services and information they seek more quickly and reliably while reducing confusion.

The .scb TLD will be one among the first group of new gTLDs added to the root in which a company’s brand and the values of the brand will be clearly communicated by and through the .scb TLD. We anticipate that the .scb TLD will generate awareness of SCB products and services to online customers in both domestic and international markets. This will improve our customer online experience as the .scb TLD will link all SCB affiliate and product websites to a familiar unified TLD and help to promote SCB’s promise in providing total customer solutions. Moreover, the .scb TLD will prevent abuse and infringement and increase SCB brand reliability and trust and confidence in e-commerce.

Utilizing the .scb TLD will help strengthen competitive advantage especially during the upcoming full implementation of the AEC regional market. The .scb TLD will help SCB capitalize on the increasing business opportunities. It will also create a more easy and convenient customer online experience, create reliability and trust for the customers.

SCB will be the sole registrant within the .scb TLD, and as such is provided a competitive advantage in regards to existing TLDs as there will be a higher availability of domain names and the recall of the TLD will be intrinsically tied to the domain name being registered and the registrant, SCB.

Marketing and outreach activities in relation to our TLD will be conducted; these will target both at registrants and internet users. We will utilize all existing customer channels both online and offline i.e. website, social network, public relation activities, direct mail to targeted customer and media, including visibility at branches and ATM screen. Moreover, we will utilize existing internal communications channels to alert relevant staff to the existence of .scb TLD as a new online means of communicating our brand message and offering our products to customers.

To promote .scb TLD awareness among public, it will be important to conduct communication campaign as the following :

1. Informing consumers of the .scb TLD through content developed for our existing web sites.
2. Informing consumers of the .scb TLD through our existing communication material and campaigns by featuring and highlighting .scb TLD domain names in these campaigns (print, media, online, social network).
3. Informing targeted consumers and employee of the .scb TLD through our corporate events i.e. business seminars, staff orientation and etc.

The communication activities will generate awareness among internet users, targeted customers and prospective customers. The activities will make customers realize SCB’s trustworthy and technology potential to deliver service excellence as well as SCB leadership status in Thailand’s banking business.

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