18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.halalAsia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.nsline.comView

Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. (AGITSys) will endeavor to the utmost in order to minimize the social costs to registrants of a .HALAL second-level domain, not least because AGITSys has every incentive to encourage the adoption and growth of the .HALAL domain. AGITSys has chosen to adopt CoCCA’s tested acceptable use based policy matrix, recommendations for minimizing harm in TLDs, and subject the TLD to the CoCCA Complaint Resolution Service (“CRS”).
The CoCCA Best practice policy matrix has been developed over a decade and has currently been adopted by 16 TLDs. It was developed for (and by) ccTLDs managers that desired to operate an efficient standards–based SRS system complemented by a policy environment that addressed a registrants use of a string as well as the more traditional gTLD emphasis rights to string.
A key element of CoCCA’s policy matrix is that it provides for registry-level suspensions where there is evidence of AUP violations. The TLD will join other TLDs that utilize the CoCCA’s single-desk CRS. The CRS provides a framework for the public, law enforcement, regulatory bodies and intellectual property owners to swiftly address concerns regarding the use of domains, and the COCCA network. The AUP can be used to address concerns regarding a domain or any other resource record that appears in the zone.
The CRS procedure provides an effective alternative to the court system while allowing for Complaints against domains to be handled in a way treats each complaint in a fair and equal manor and allows for all affected parties to present evidence and arguments in a constructive forum.
AGITSys is also currently developing procedures for competition resolution regarding multiple registrations for the same second-level domain in addition to offering the required Sunrise offerings through general availability. AGITSys will model these procedures after the techniques and approaches that have succeeded best to date. The history of .COM will be of interest here, because .HALAL should grow quickly and face demand as high among the Muslim community as .COM has in the English-language online community.
In terms of cost, benefits, and incentives to registrants of the Islamic community, AGITSys will offer fair and competitive pricing campaigns for tens of millions of people, introducing them to the wonders of the Internet and the Muslim faith therein. Competitive pricing and⁄or discounts will be used and adjusted accordingly to ensure the right incentive matches the phase of operation and business goals. AGITSys’ business plan increases our confidence in offerings that will encourage growing adoption of the .HALAL gTLD.
Each year, AGITSys will review its financial goals versus actual performance of registry operations. Output from the analysis will include the consideration of pricing versus demand for registrations. As with any for-profit entity, adequate cash flow and predictable revenue streams are essential to successful operations. As such, AGITSys may adjust pricing of domain registrations to align with evolving business goals. Adjustments can include not only price increases, but perhaps price decreases, but only current market analysis will dictate change. Therefore, AGITSys will document in the Registrant Agreement domain price change procedures and how they can be expect to learn about changes through our communications platform. In the end, serving the Islamic community through Internet technologies remains our first priority.

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