20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.LECLERCA.C.D. LEC Association des Centres Distributeurs Edouard Leclercprodomaines.comView

As explained in the question 20-A, the candidate is A.C.D. Lec (Association of the E.LECLERC Distribution Centers). This organization determines the strategic orientation of the ʺE.LECLERC Movement” and guarantees that the members and associates respect the basic values.

A.C.D. Lec works primarily in close collaboration with the GALEC in order to create and to manage the brands of the Movement.

A.C.D. Lec was created on 21th July 1964, 15 years after the opening of the first E.LECLERC center by Mr Edouard Leclerc. The association acts in respect with the fundamental principles edicted by Mr Edouard Leclerc : members independence, price policy in aid of the consumers, solidarity and security within the movement, social calling of the company.

Consequently, the association has to guarantee the diffusion of the fundamental principles of the movement, contribute to the customer education, ensure the protection and promote the notoriety and development of the LECLERC brand, by setting up all useful means to reach these aims.

A.C.D. Lec status shows that the association will be able to contribute to the creation of any oganization promoting the activity, solidarity and security of its members.

Detailed status of the A.C.D. Lec are available in the attached file named StatutsACDLec and precise the aims of the association, conditions to become a member as well as its resources.

To validate strategic decisions regarding NewgTLD .LECLERC, A.C.D. Lec must consult its strategic committee and its board of directors.

The internal organization of A.C.D. Lec is structured to include:
* A board of directors
* A strategic committee
* 6 permanent specialized commissions (price, communication, finance, brand family policies, global quality and sustainable development…) presided over by members recognized for their skills in these areas.
* Occasional commissions

A.C.D. Lec is thus the organization best representing the interests of the members and associates and the Movement. These commissions and the strategic committee must ensure that A.C.D. Lec continues to fulfill its goals and give priority to shared interests.

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