18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.LECLERCA.C.D. LEC Association des Centres Distributeurs Edouard Leclercprodomaines.comView

The NewgTLD .LECLERC will have multiple goals:
* Represent and place the applicant’s leading and most distinctive brand (LECLERC) at the highest level of the DNS hierarchy
* Provide the community and its members (see question 20) with recognizable and trustworthy identification on the Internet. The TLD will increase the visibility of official communication of the brand.The “E.LECLERC Movement” is composed of independent members. Its current communication varies according to the members. There is no policy of truly shared and applied registration. The .LECLERC domain will have a strong federative role and will allow the creation of new international and “corporate” communication. A.C.D. Lec goes even farther in this sense in choosing the model of single registrant for .LECLERC in order to harmonize the registration of domain names, to build close relationships with the stronger members, provide more visible communication, and achieve of these goals by knowing the members using .LECLERC. The eligibility conditions and the criteria for the registration policies will be detailed in questions 18 and 20.
* Provide a secure applicant-controlled online environment to the community members and end users interested in the assets, services and activities of A.C.D. Lec. Among its services, the applicant has a bank activity known as Edel. The NewgTLD .LECLERC will be more effective in combating phishing attempts and will ensure a secure relationship with end users. In addition, the LECLERC brand has many merchant sites (ex: www.leclercdrive.fr or www.lemanegeabijoux.com) where the clients may be deceived by similar but malicious sites (typo squatting in traditional TLDs, etc.). In 2011, on-line sales through the Drive activity were 405,000,000 EUR for 144 sales points. 730,000,000 EUR for 250 sales points are predicted for 2012. A.C.D. Lec considers the security of payments on the Internet as a fundamental element and therefore wants to develop and finance the NewgTLD .LECLERC in order to reassure end consumers about the ownership of the sites and their security. The NewgTLD .LECLERC will also prevent cybersquatting against the LECLERC brand. In 2011, an on-line brand monitoring among domain names detected 23 domains considered as threatening the rights or harming the activity of the brand. They led to 16 official notifications and 8 UDRP litigations. The UDRP decisions won allowed the transfer of 43 domain names in favor of A.C.D. Lec. The association wishes to reduce the threats made to the LECLERC brand family and thus reduce abuses in which the final web clients of LECLERC may actually be the victims.
* Develop the registration of generic domain names allowing implementing a new type of marketing action. Thanks to the NewgTLD .LECLERC, the strategic directions in communication and marketing of the various companies structuring the community (see question 20) may benefit from new communication media. The generic domain names often being reserved in the TLDs traditionally used in France (.COM, .FR), the NewgTLD will offer the LECLERC entities a supplemental choice for registration of the generic names. This will allow creating a new type of communication for specific actions; creating mini-sites, for example. A.C.D. Lec considers this new opportunity as a means of decreasing the budget dedicated to the purchases of keywords in the sponsored links on Bing, Google, and Yahoo!. This budget represents 1,020,000 EUR in 2011 for the purchase of approximately 290,000 keywords. The budget has been increasing since 2009 with a budget of 670,000 EUR then 876,000 EUR in 2010. The NewgTLD .LECLERC thus allows by thesemeans to increase the visibility of the brand and communicate more directly with end users.

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