15(c) List any variant strings to the applied-for gTLD string according to the relevant IDN tables

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.珠宝Richemont DNS Inc.valideus.comView
Variants 15(c)

Variant 1
A-label: xn--8dt796c
Unicode: U+73E0 U+5BF6

Variant 2
A-label: xn--5dtr07c
U-label: 珠寳
Unicode: U+73E0 U+5BF3
gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.游戏Spring Fields, LLCdonuts.coView
Variant 1 (Preferred)
A-label: xn--uouo1y
U-label: 游戲
Unicode: U+6E38 U+6232

Variant 2 (Preferred)
A-label: xn--unuz24h
U-label: 遊戏
Unicode: U+904A U+620F

Variant 3 (Preferred)
A-label: xn--uouy93h
U-label: 遊戲
Unicode: U+904A U+6232

Variant 4
A-label: xn--touq1y
U-label: 游戱
Unicode: U+6E38 U+6231

Variant 5
A-label: xn--rouu1y
U-label: 游戯
Unicode: U+6E38 U+622F

Variant 6
A-label: xn--tou093h
U-label: 遊戱
Unicode: U+904A U+6231

Variant 7
A-label: xn--rou493h
U-label: 遊戯
Unicode: U+904A U+622F

Variant 8
A-label: xn--unut04h
U-label: 逰戏
Unicode: U+9030 U+620F

Variant 9
A-label: xn--uous73h
U-label: 逰戲
Unicode: U+9030 U+6232

Variant 10
A-label: xn--touu73h
U-label: 逰戱
Unicode: U+9030 U+6231

Variant 11
A-label: xn--rouy73h
U-label: 逰戯
Unicode: U+9030 U+622F