18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.uolUBN INTERNET LTDA.registro.brView

Our universe under a unique extension! The gTLD “.uol” will be the reason for unifying the services we provide to end users with benefits for ours branding efforts, in business and marketing perspectives.
We already have a strong brand and we are the biggest in content and one of the biggest in internet services in Brazil and Latin America. More than innovation, these touch points give us the status needed to offer a reliable navigation experience with the new TLD and reinforce our brand in the world of Internet.
To be one of the first is also important to us because, as a pioneer company on the Internet in Brazil and Latin America, we also want to be in the new top level domains segment.
Another point is to avoid any type of typosquatting⁄cybersquat⁄cybersquatting and⁄or frauds. As UOL has many services and partners in its content, even with our several security levels, this kind of security layer will guarantee the content origin and tenting its legitimacy, which benefits the company and users for creating the separation between our own sites, our partners and our platforms of services. With the gTLD “.uol” it would be possible to create individual domains to each partner and service and still keep them related to UOL´s brand, creating an information barrier to separate and isolate services, avoiding the user´s information interchange between these services and preventing conflict of interests, just as indicated in Chinese Wall concept. Besides, the gTLD “.uol” will be a closed register system and only UOL will be able to create domains, which increase even more security by assuring that when someone is visiting a “.uol” domain this person is really seeing UOL´s content, making difficult phishing practices.
All “.uol” management will be done by UBN Internet Ltda. and private individuals won’t be allowed to request registration.

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