18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.DELTADelta Air Lines, Inc.sedari.comView

The proposed gTLD is a closed registry restricted to utilization by Delta Air Lines.
The proposed new TLD will operate as:
* an internal communication tool
* an authenticated marketing presence
* a client service delivery system
* a centralized brand and identity system

The key mission of the proposed gTLD is to optimize customer service, corporate and consumer information and security through:
A consistently structured and authenticated system of Internet and Intranet communication. This will ensure that Delta Air Lines has end-to-end control of all content and services attached to its name.
An authenticated brand that enhances consumer confidence in communication from and to .Delta. Delta will have complete control over all addresses and communication circulated under the .Delta label. Receipt of Internet communication from .Delta will be a guarantee of authenticity.
Closer and more focused customer service enabled by a tightly managed TLD. This will facilitate management of customer communication, customer relationships and product development
Enhanced functionality and security that can respond to evolving customer and market needs

Mission in Context
ICANN has set out a number of goals regarding the introduction of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Among the most important of these are the following:
1. The need to maintain the Internetʹs stability, and especially the protection of domain name holders from the effects of registry or registration-system failure.
2. The extent to which approval of the application would lead to an effective proof of concept concerning the expansion of the number of top level domains including:
* the diversity the proposed TLD would bring to the top level of the Internet to include fully open top level domains, restricted and chartered domains with limited scope, commercial domains, and personal domains
* support of a variety of business models and geographic locations.
3. The enhancement of competition for registration services at the registry and registrar level.
4. The enhancement of the utility of the DNS.
5. The extent to which the proposal would meet previously unmet needs.
6. The importance of appropriate protections of the rights of others, including intellectual property rights in connection with the operation of the TLD, especially during the start-up phases.
The purpose of this TLD is to:
* advance the goals of ICANN as set out above
* fulfill the TLDʹs mission as stated above.

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