18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.krdKRG Department of Information Technologykrg.orgView

The mission⁄purpose of the .krd TLD is to promote the Kurdistan region of Iraq and elevate the people of Kurdistan onto the international stage by providing an online space in which to promote and develop the culture and language of the Kurdistan Region and its people. As such, the TLD aims to establish a dedicated, open namespace that represents Kurdish people within Kurdistan and internationally, and offers a new and innovative approach for internet users globally to engage with the people of Kurdistan.

The applicant for the .krd TLD is the Department of Information Technology of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The KRG is the democratically elected body representing the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The applicant is the executive body responsible for the IT agenda of the KRG. The management and operation of a TLD that represents the Kurdistan region is therefore within the scope of the Department of IT’s mandate.

The .krd TLD will promote the Kurdistan region, its culture and its potential through a dedicated open space for the benefit of registrants, the KRG, and Internet users in Kurdistan and globally. The TLD will provide a portal for Internet users to access information relating to Kurdistan. As such, the .krd TLD will be targeted at those seeking to affiliate themselves with the Kurdistan region.

The .krd TLD will play a strategic role in validating the Kurdish culture and language in an age of increasing globalisation. The .krd TLD will allow the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to take part in the increasingly global, cultural online perspective through the ability to educate and share its rich language, cultures and traditions. As such, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq will be given an opportunity to foster cross-cultural integration and understanding of this region and its people.

In understanding the intrinsic value in preserving the cultural and linguistic identity of the Kurdistan region and its people and educating and serving audiences around the world as a forum of authoritative online content, the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, as represented by President of Divan (Minister), Fawzi Hariri has endorsed the acquisition of this TLD, in full support and acceptance. The KRG Department of IT, as the applying entity is proud to be the only applicant that has been provided with such unwavering commitment and full support for the TLD, from the KRG.

The .krd will also play a pivotal role in promoting further the use of the Kurdish language on the World Wide Web as a modern medium of communication. The TLD will function as a means of preserving, enriching and developing Kurdistan for the benefit of its constituents as well as the global Internet community. The .krd TLD will centre on creating an Internet identity for the Kurdish linguistic and cultural community.

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