20(e) Provide a description of the applicant's intended registration policies in support of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.ISMAILIFondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation)afilias.infoView

The .ISMAILI TLD will be exclusively for the Ismaili institutions with requisite policies and enforcement procedures to ensure consistency with the mission and purpose of this TLD.

Registrations in the .ISMAILI TLD will be limited to Ismaili institutions recognized by the Ismaili Constitution. In 1986, His Highness the Aga Khan, the 49th hereditary Imam, ordained an Ismaili Constitution which, brought under a common aegis, the social governance of the global Ismaili community in order better to secure their peace and unity, spiritual and social welfare, as well as to foster fruitful collaboration among different peoples, to optimize the use of resources, and to enable the Ismaili Muslims, wherever they live, to make a valid and meaningful contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of the societies in which they live and to be responsible citizens of the countries where they reside.

To achieve these ends, the Imam has established, within the framework of the Constitution, National, Regional and Local Councils responsible for overall social governance; and Central Institutions for the provision of services to the community in education, health, social welfare, housing, economic welfare, cultural and women’s activities, youth and sports development. The Constitution also incorporates Religious Education Boards for the provision of religious education at all levels of the community, for the requisite human resource development and for research and publication. National and International Conciliation and Arbitration Boards have been established to encourage amicable resolution of conflicts through impartial conciliation and arbitration, a service which is being increasingly used, in some countries, even by non-Ismailis.

The aforementioned institutions which function within the framework of the global Ismaili Constitution will receive an invitation to apply for a second level domain by the Aga Khan Foundation or its representative. No third-party registrations will be accepted.

Name Selection

Second level domains may be organised by institution, institution type or country (without conflicting with reserved geographic names pursuant to Specification 5 of the new TLD Agreement), and will be named accordingly. The names will be easily identifiable as related to the Ismaili institutions.

Content and Use

The Ismaili institutions will be restricted in using their second level domain for the purpose of institutional work.

The AGA KHAN FOUNDATION or its representatives will regularly examine the names and content within the TLD to ensure consistency with the mission of purpose of both the Ismaili institutions, and bringing the Ismaili institutions together online.

Staff working with these various institutions on a daily basis will be tasked with managing the roll out and the creation of these secondary domains and the related implementation and enforcement plans.

The AGA KHAN FOUNDATION or its representatives will strictly enforce compliance with all policies in the TLD. Given .ISMAILI is a restricted, community TLD, the registrants are known institutional community members sharing similar beliefs and goals. Thus, it is highly unlikely policies will be disregarded and enforcement necessary.

If any domain within .ISMAILI is found to be operating against the principles of the Ismaili institutions or conducting practices outside the scope of the purpose of the TLD, the AGA KHAN FOUNDATION or its representatives will take immediate action to remedy the conflict. These remedies could include issuing a directive to the registrant to make modifications within a specific cue period, a take-down of a domain, and measures to disallow repeat offenders from managing a domain.

As applications for secondary level domains are by invitation-only, and this is being operated essentially as a closed registry, we do not foresee any appeals from registrants. However, where necessary, qualified registrants may refer to the applicant or its representative to request an invitation for review.

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