18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.bostikBostik SAbostik.comView

The Applicant, Bostik SA (“Bostik”) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of technological adhesives and sealants. The company creates high-performance bonding solutions for five strategic markets: construction, transportation, disposable hygiene, tape & label, and flexible lamination.

With 2011 sales of 1.43 € billion, the company employs 4,500 people and has a presence in more than 50 countries with 47 production facilities, 2 corporate research and development laboratories and 10 applied research centers. Bostik was initially founded in 1889 in Massachusetts as the Boston Blacking Co., Since then it has grown to a leading global position: 5th of the top 15 adhesive companies in the world.
Bostik is a subsidiary of the Total Group (http:⁄⁄www.total.com), the fifth largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the world. Total has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1991 and has one of the largest capitalizations on the Euronext stock exchange. It accounts for 12% of the CAC 40, of which it is the largest listed company. In Forbesʹ 2011 issue of ʹThe Worldʹs Biggest Public Companiesʹ, Total ranked 19 (http:⁄⁄www.forbes.com⁄global2000⁄list⁄).

According to the Applicant, the mission and purpose of the .BOSTIK TLD are manifold, as explained below:

i. First and foremost: to make the most of the opportunity presented by ICANN’s new gTLD Program by securing the Applicant’s key brand name (“BOSTIK”) as a gTLD;

ii. The Applicant sees great value in reflecting the Bostik brand – which has global exposure and an international clientele – at the top level of the DNS’ hierarchy. A .BOSTIK gTLD could become a strong platform for the company, its stakeholders and affiliates and could potentially generate numerous benefits from a marketing and branding perspective. Bostik is currently undergoing a thorough appraisal of the company’s brand identity and will embark on a 10+ year branding and marketing strategy for Bostik and its strategic markets with an external brand agency (The selection of the agency is scheduled for April 17, 2012) (nb : this selection has been finalised as of the date of submission).;

iii. Support day-to-day activities for the benefit of the Applicant, its affiliates, partners businesses and customers;

iv. Provide stakeholders of the Applicant with a recognizable and trusted identifier - .BOSTIK – on the Internet. Such stakeholders include, but are not limited to:
• subsidiaries and joint ventures in various countries (note: these are to be considered “Affiliates” in accordance with ICANN’s Registry Operator Agreement);
• dealers and retailers of Bostik’s products;
• partners;
• sponsorships;
• prospective and current customers;
• shareholders and prospective investors; and
• employees, directors and officers of Bostik
v. Provide such stakeholders with a secure Internet environment, under the control of the Applicant, where they will be able to obtain information and communicate with the company;
vi. Over time: possibly provide the opportunity to certain select stakeholders to register and⁄or use domain names in the .BOSTIK gTLD, insofar and to the extent that (i) Bostik would remain in control over certain aspects of these domain names, (ii) in the opinion of Bostik, this would create significant business opportunities, (iii) there would be branding and marketing benefits for Bostik, and (iv) if sufficient guarantees are put in place to mitigate the risks of damage to the reputation of the BOSTIK brand and the business activities of Bostik;

vii. Gradually assist the Applicant in promoting and offering content in multiple languages and services to an international audience, directly or indirectly accessible under specific domain names registered in the .BOSTIK gTLD, referring to, amongst others, products and services, product and service categories, brands, etc.

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