18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.luxuryLuxury Partners, LLCmjconcepts.comView

Luxury Partners, LLC, the applicant for the “.luxury” gTLD (the “Registry”) intends to serve all those interested in luxury goods and services, by creating a global marketplace, enhancing communication, easing access to relevant information, and providing better searchability. “Luxury” is a universal term with a strong aspirational connotation around the globe, meaning “an object or service, conducive to sumptuous living, elegance or refinement.” Nearly all seek luxury in one form or another, be it fashionable clothes, gourmet meals or an extravagant vacation to an exotic locale. In an effort to promote the quality of their goods and services, nearly every brand offers luxury options to consumers. Moreover, certain companies, such as Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Mercedes Benz, and Prada, have built their businesses around appealing to those who seek luxury. Traditional and well established vertical categories of luxury goods and services include: adventure, arts & collectables, automotive, aviation, bath & body, boating & yachting, casinos, children’s goods, cigars & spirits, cuisine, design & décor, electronics, entertainment, event planning, fashion, finance, jewelry, pets, philanthropy, real estate, services, sports & golf, vacation & travel, watches & pens, and wines & vines, amongst myriad others. The definition of luxury is rapidly evolving to include services and sustainable products as well. In short, Luxury shapes the world we live in, establishing the ideals that many strive to obtain. The Registry will create a digital environment dedicated to luxury of all forms, bringing together those seeking such luxury with those offering it. By building distinct communities around all categories of luxury, the Registry will create an environment for innovation, new opportunity, job creation, and economic growth among registrants, internet users, and others by bringing them together in a vertical marketplace.

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