18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.wedAtgron, Inc.atgron.comView

18.1 .WED gTLD Mission⁄Purpose

18.1.1 Company Mission

Atgronʹs mission for the .WED gTLD is to provide wedding couples around the world an unambiguous domain name of their choice via this niche gTLD. The .WED gTLD will be an open unrestricted registry but will institute policies designed to promote short-term annual registrations of domain names with the intent to create more frequent availability of domain names to a never ending supply of wedding couples.

18.1.2 Community Mission

While the .WED gTLD will not be a community-based gTLD, Atgron, Inc., the TLD Registry Operator, has a community mission. The community mission of the organization is to honor the service and dedication of soldiers and sailors in the United States by providing employment and training to veterans who wish to re-enter civilian work life in a technical field.

The driving force for both our Company and Community missions is our Chief Executive Officer, with the support of the Atgron, Inc. Board of Directors. Our CEO and Board chose a gTLD extension, which would create inherent leadership roles for women. Our CEO also spent a significant portion of her career working with soldiers and sailors and recognizes the invaluable training our veterans obtain while in service. There is a perception it is a civic duty to employ veterans and while that is a noble sentiment, it distracts from a far more important factor to a successful business. Veterans represent an outstanding candidate pool of capable resources with training and discipline that will benefit any company.

18.2.3 Pledge to Customers

The .WED gTLD will provide a wholesome, responsive venue for couples and families involved in the planning and execution of a wedding. We will strive to provide couples with their desired domain names in a timely fashion by discouraging domain name parking and other forms of domain name speculation.

18.1.4 Pledge to Employees

Our employees will enjoy a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

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