18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.givingGiving Limitedjustgiving.comView


The mission⁄purpose of the .giving TLD is to promote the business of the applicant, Giving Limited (which trades under the name and core brand ‘JustGiving’), whilst providing an authoritative, intuitive and cohesive online platform through which JustGiving’s members are able to collaborate and raise funds for charity. Giving Limited is an innovator and leader in online fundraising, having created the UK’s first online fundraising business. The .giving TLD will be an extension and continuation of this innovation and leadership. By being one of the first Top Level Domains dedicated to delivering content which meets the needs of a single organisation, the .giving TLD will fulfil the needs of JustGiving’s growing base of charities and members, as part of the ever-changing, ever-expanding Internet landscape.

In transitioning its existing JustGiving business from justgiving.com to the clear and concise .giving TLD, Giving Limited will be able to improve its online presence, expand its global reach and build trust with current and prospective members. This will further strengthen the company’s strong reputation for and commitment to innovation and leadership in the charity fundraising industry. Furthermore, the TLD will support the growth of the JustGiving business by allowing registrations which support campaigns and events in new markets. In endorsement of the JustGiving core business strategy, individual departments and affiliates of Giving Limited may also use .giving domain names to market the business and build an online corporate home for the company.

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